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Reflections 10 - Halfway There - Planting Seeds - Change

by Oliver T. Spedding 2 months ago in self help
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Don't ask for a lighter load but rather for a stronger back.

Don’t ask for a lighter load but rather for a stronger back.


Oliver T. Spedding


Achieving a goal can be divided into two distinct parts; a dream or goal that you believe you can achieve, and the process of reaching that goal.

What’s important about the first part is that you must believe that your dream or goal is achievable.

The way to gain this belief is to accumulate as much knowledge about how you are going to reach your goal.

While you are doing this your dream begins to take on a more real shape and you begin to see in your mind the process that you will follow to get to your goal.

Each new piece of information that you discover will add flesh to the process you intend to follow and enable you to create a process that strengthens your belief in the possibility of achieving your dream.

As your confidence in your ability to achieve your dream grows, so will your enthusiasm.

You will begin to set the platform from which you will launch the course that you will follow.

While this is all happening, your belief in your ability to achieve your dream will strengthen greatly.

With the knowledge that you have acquired, the process that you have decided to follow and the belief in your eventual success, you are ready to start.

The first half of your journey to your dream has been completed.

Now it’s all systems go for the second half.


When a gardener sets out a new flowerbed he or she first loosens the soil in the designated area to make it easier for the roots of the flowers to expand and form a solid base for the plants.

Fertilizer is then added for nourishment.

With the preparation of the flowerbed now complete, the most important part of the process of creating the patch of flowers now needs to be done; the planting of the flower seeds.

Planting seeds sets the whole process of achievement in motion, regardless of what the end goal is.

Without seeds, nothing can be achieved.

This obvious fact doesn’t only apply to the growing of plants though; it applies to all the things that we do that will lead to a final goal.

Without seeds nothing can be achieved.

Planting seeds should be an everyday occurrence in our lives and we should strive to plant these starting points as regularly as possibly.

Making a habit of creating new possibilities every day guarantees progress and eventual success.

The more seeds we plant, the more possibilities of success we create.

What’s very important though, is that we need to focus on the planting of our seeds or ideas so as to ensure that they are planted correctly and in soil that will make certain that the resulting plants or achievements have the best chance of maturing.

It is therefore vital not to focus on the desired crop or success that we are expecting as this can easily lead to us not planting our seeds properly.

Even when the seedlings or ideas begin to develop, we should still focus on cultivating them so as to achieve the most positive results.

By focusing on these tasks we ensure that the end product will bring the required result and our expectations confirmed.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.


Most of us tend to blame outside influences when we fail to achieve our dreams or when we find ourselves facing difficulties.

There are instance where external events do create obstacles but most of the obstructions that we encounter are the result of our own shortcomings and attitudes.

It is a quite well known observation that we are all exactly where we should be at any time in our lives and that only we can change our present situations.

No outsider can permanently change our circumstances; only we can do this.

Outsider can sometimes help us but it is always a temporary measure.

We are the only ones who can change our lives permanently.

There is only one way to change your life permanently and that is to change your attitude or approach towards the way you are functioning.

Most people who are experiencing a lack of progress tend to have a negative outlook on the world around them and a lack of self confidence.

These two attitudes are the biggest adversaries that have to be overcome before progress can begin.

To overcome negativity we need to take stock of all the positives in our lives and this can be very surprising and uplifting.

It’s amazing how many positives we can find in our lives if we take the time to look.

If you are aware of having a negative outlook, find a quiet place and draw up a list of all the little things that are positive in your life.

Without doubt this list will create a surprising and positive picture of just how fortunate you actually are.

Your new and positive attitude will quickly create a new enthusiasm in you and boost your self confidence to such an extent that your goals and dreams will suddenly become more of a possibility.

By building on this renewed enthusiasm by acquiring more knowledge of how to achieve your dreams you will suddenly find that the world around you has changed and is actually filled with possibilities to advance yourself.

To change what is going on around you, change what’s going on within you.


Photo credit - Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

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