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Recap of my 2019 Q4 Goals

by icedcloudlatte 3 years ago in goals
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the main and monthly goals I wanted to do that quarter

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I plan my year out in quarters (s/o to Laura Vanderkam). I set the main goal I want to accomplish in the categories of Work, Relationships, and Self for each quarter.

Each month I devise 20-30 goals that support the main goals and other fun things (s/o to ettawritesnstudies).

If you’ve completed half of them or half plus a margin of 1-4, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!

Completing too many goals above half? Your goals were too easy. Didn't hit half of your goals? Your goals were too unrealistic. This rule acts as a barometer for how well you are setting goals.

Bonus points: Share your monthly goals in a GDoc/email thread with friends for accountability and seeing what people are up to.

The Main Goals for 2019 Q4

  1. Work: Look into making a career pivot - DONE. This went really well!
  2. Relationships: Watch Die Hard and go to a Die Hard musical event with a group of friends - DONE! This was really fun.
  3. Self: Get a tattoo - DONE. I've had this design in mind since I was 11 years old so I'm glad I finally got it done.

October Monthly Goals

13 out of 30: 43% - failed

Goal: 15-19

  1. Make rice krispies treats - Note: Ended up giving ingredients to a friend to make in December
  2. Make two eco-friendly swaps - DONE #1. Swapped out my plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush and body wash for body soap.
  3. Go to the doctor - DONE #2
  4. Five yoga classes this month
  5. Beat mile time
  6. Recycle/donate/sell clothing I no longer wear (of one category)
  7. Decide how to promote newsletter - Note: We ended up killing the newsletter later on
  8. Decide if I want to continue freelancing - DONE #3.
  9. Put in 6 applications - DONE #4
  10. Apply for a new card
  11. Mail family birthday packages - DONE #5
  12. Check my spending for the past month and get rid of unused subscriptions - DONE #6
  13. Read 6 books
  14. Do a corn maze
  15. Call doctor and change pharmacy address + set up an appointment - DONE #7
  16. Write a post about 50 recipes I made
  17. Go to a Meetup solo - Note: I went to a Meetup but not solo, oh well.
  18. Draft tattoo design
  19. Go to a girls' night out - DONE #8. Went to a taco festival then did dinner and a movie together
  20. Re-establish waking up early
  21. Sleep before midnight at least 3x/week
  22. Trade books with a bookstore - Note: Ended up doing this the first day of November ...
  23. Try cooking with meat 1x - DONE #9. Cooked with meat 2x.
  24. Meal plan and cook for all lunches and dinners eaten solo - DONE #10. This is the goal I'm most impressed with myself about.
  25. Reach out to 3 former coworkers - DONE #11
  26. Look at apartment decor
  27. Get boba and take a walk with a friend - DONE #12
  28. Update 5-year journal
  29. Organize a murder mystery dinner party meetup
  30. Watch a classic horror movie - DONE #13. I didn't watch a "classic" but I watched a lot of horror movies so I'm counting it.

November Monthly Goals

15 out of 26: 58% - won!

Goal: 13-17

  1. Edit NaNoWriMo novel
  2. Take a class (improv? cooking? dancing? sewing?)
  3. Ask about medical history - DONE #1
  4. Read 9 books
  5. Get bangs/frizz serum/oil - DONE #2. Note: Had decided on a product to use but ended up just leaving my poor hair alone
  6. Reach out to 3 tattoo artists + get tattoo sketched out - DONE #3! I only reached out to one on a friend's recommendation but was pleased.
  7. Try waxing - DONE #4. My pain tolerance is better than I thought - also lasts way longer
  8. Give away stuff won't use + sell books - DONE #5. Didn't end up giving stuff away but did sell books
  9. Get a tattoo - DONE #6!!
  10. Get another mesh bag - DONE #7. Useful for laundry
  11. Put in 7+ applications - DONE #8. Way exceeded this goal.
  12. Buy black ballet flats - Note: found a pair stashed away so wore those but they ended up dying in Jan '20 so I still need to replace
  13. Sell & buy clothes
  14. Catch up on 5-year journal
  15. Try archery - Note: was going to do in December but that didn't end up panning out
  16. Hang out with a friend before she leaves the country - DONE #9
  17. Hang out with a friend before he leaves state - Note: he left before we could plan anything
  18. Try Thayers toner - DONE #10. Bought it still need to trial it
  19. Set up a 2nd blog - DONE #11. Note: Although, ended up killing it for this page
  20. Don't buy crackers/chips/cereal/sweets + get rid of currently in house - DONE #12
  21. Hang out with two friends haven't seen in a bit
  22. Settle bloodwork & eye doctor - DONE #13
  23. Make a gym bag - DONE #14
  24. Take 3 yoga classes
  25. Beat mile time
  26. Replace card - DONE #15

December Monthly Goals

15 out of 30: 50% - won!

Goal: 15-19

  1. Beat mile time - Note: ended up getting sick
  2. Run a fun 5k - Note: skipped since would be registering late
  3. Smooth out & brighten skin - DONE #1. Note: love the toner but still want to experiment with a different cleanser
  4. Do a better job of protecting skin with sunscreen - DONE #2
  5. Take 3 workout classes
  6. Take a sewing class
  7. Get a HTML/CSS certificate
  8. Read 3 books and grade Goodreads EOY
  9. Revisit 3 places been to before - Note: 1 out of 3
  10. Watch Die Hard and go to Die Hard musical - DONE #3!
  11. Make food or go to a restaurant we saw on IG with a friend
  12. Reach out to 3 former coworkers - DONE #4
  13. Finish tattoo
  14. Prep for the holiday party - DONE #5
  15. Update 5-year journal
  16. Buy & sell & recycle clothes
  17. Establish a habit
  18. Do Duolingo for Chinese - DONE #6. Note: Have significantly dropped off since then
  19. Figure out if want to continue a thing - DONE #7
  20. Do 2-3 outings with H. - DONE #8
  21. Make fruit & water daily habit
  22. Do a sappy montage for the friend who moved overseas - DONE #9
  23. Give 5 gifts/notes - DONE #10
  24. Get traction on overseas travel plans - Note: moved to another year
  25. Try a sleeping mask
  26. Log a food diary for a month - DONE #11
  27. Put in 6 applications - DONE #12.
  28. Re-establish morning routine - DONE #13
  29. Get an oil change and re-up car insurance - DONE #14
  30. Check lease - DONE #15

What were some of your goals from 2019 Q4? How did they go?

Let me know what they were! Please feel free to tweet them to me.


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