Reach Your Goals

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Everything IS possible.

Reach Your Goals

Every day I live by the list method in order to complete my goals both daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Without a list I wouldn’t know what to do with myself but then feel regret and disappointment in myself because I forgot to get something done.

Everyone has goals whether they are short term or long term. You feel accomplished and complete when you reach your goals and that is if you set the bar within a significant or realistic height. Don’t set that bar so high that it would be impossible to reach, or so low that you can reach that goal with your eyes closed.

Your bar and goal should have somewhat of a challenge to reach it. Make yourself work for it and that it is possible to complete. You should feel good about yourself and reward yourself when you reach your goal. I know I do. Sometimes life does get in the way, but you just have to shrug it off and try again the next day.

I have had many setbacks recently that have caused me to put a hold on my goals, but soon I was able to get back on track and trying to play catch up to reach the goals I should have done a few days back. I am almost caught up and feel pretty good about my accomplishments and you should too.

Those that just sit around with nothing to do or refuse to get up and do anything will never have anything and their lives will be miserable which is contagious, so prevent yourself from hanging out with those people too much or you will fall into the same rut.

Put a group together and support each other and you will find that when everyone meets their goals, it is a happy place to be. They need you and you them. Get a support system in place almost like a cheering section that will cheer you on to make sure your reach your goals.

I have only my husband as my cheering section and that seems to be all that I need to get things done and reach those goals. He helps me with things around the house and keeps people away from me when I am working on my goals. He knows how important they are to me and respects me for that.

The worst thing you could ever do is give up. Giving up could feel like a spear penetrating your heart killing you and then regret sets in and down goes your self-esteem. You don’t want that, so make your goals a little challenging but reachable. No one likes to fail at something.

Failure is a word that should never be in your vocabulary because we are not failures, we are achievers who fight to reach our goals. I struggle day in and day out with some of mine, but I never give up. I sit back and figure out another way to reach that goal and try something different the next day.

My lists are never set in stone and do need revamping from time to time to make things a little easier and better for me to reach that goal. My husband says I push myself too hard and need to relax more but I can’t. It is not in me to slack off from my work because I feel like I need to keep going to cross the finish line.

I have not been one to ever win anything and this is the only thing I know that I am good at. So keep your head held high and cross that finish line reaching your goal and then reward yourself for your hard work. Everything IS possible.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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