Planning a Naughty Year

by Morgan Sankofa 7 months ago in goals

How to let the inner beast out

Planning a Naughty Year

You can be reading this to get some much-needed breathing space. It is binding to live in a way that is not your true self. There are times when I write in my journal and I think about the vast words of power, and yearning for those white pages of experience to be filled in my own life. Just like words written on a page, life has its warped edges, and sometimes, the scribbles share your perfect truth. Well if you are reading this like me, I am longing to find a new feeling other than racing my pen over pages to get that release out.

First, I want to look towards professional athletes. What do you think of them? They live a truly reckless, but regimented life. I think about the (usually men) that get to bust out of the routine that normal workers do. They get to make their lives about having the fitted bodies, and being the best team player at their positions. It is the pain in breaking down the typical working man's body (the one that sits and waits for others to pay him, or drives in traffic for a job that simply does not push him to anything but boredom). The athlete's life has excitement, pain, competition, and exhilaration. You have the chance to work for hours a day, focusing on your own body and mental strength with your brothers or sisters. So, my plan to be "naughty" starts with getting selfish. In the morning when people are sleeping, you should be up at least two hours early. Take this time to work out, swim, run, dance, shoot hoops. You need to get better until this time brings you that scream of passion that lives so deep within those pages that ferociously need an out. My own mission is to wake up around 7 or 6 AM. I want to take this time to feel that strength that is locked in my mind. Channel your favorite sports person. They are playful, quick on their feet, strong, cocky, and powerful. These emotions lay laden until we are able to feel alive, and yes wild.

Next, think about one or two things that you swear you would never do. Someone may say I don't wear heels, I am a sneakers woman. No one wants to see me in those. Wear them. You may say, there is no way that I can flirt with that woman. Try it. Or maybe you can say I would never dye my hair red. Let you hairstylist try a new color! The key to feeling like a bombshell person is to flip your nerves! If it were my own case, I would say I would never sing in front of others. My next job is to find a Karaoke night and sing my heart out! Another alternative would be to sing on my YouTube channel MorganSankofa. Do those things that only lie in your dreams, and test out one or two.

Third, when I think of naughty I do hear a sensual tone. How would you rate your own sensual energy? Personally out of ten I would give myself a two. This low because I tend to keep those thoughts inside or I joke myself out because I am not comfortable with it. I will not get comfortable unless I try something. First rate yourself, and answer why am I here? So, if you are like me you need to look at your nude body. Find what is attractive, and plan to accentuate that feature. For instance, if you like your green eyes wear shirts that bring the color out! If you like your lips, then look for colors that bring them out. Plan to act on any of your inner fantasies, and the most important is doing them. The good thing about the internet is that you can find your interest, and then go for it. There are online chats but being a free person means that you are trying out the real places with others to feel the same way. For me I will try DC Black Pride, and try a run for HIV this November. There is a sensuality in trying things that are foreign to you. Going for it, and being a doer brings you so much self worth! Stay focused on the way you feel on the inside, and if you feel "bleh" change that by all costs. Be a fighter for your sensual energy no matter who is watching. Maybe you will invite it. This article will give you 50 ways to practice sensuality.

That naughty person is craving to come out and join you in this world! That fire inside wants to come out.

Fourth, do not be afraid of getting hurt. One of the most alive times in my life happened when I lived in the moment and pushed hard for what I wanted. That adventure, and passion that you want is big enough to fill the world. No age, gender, or money limit can stop you from being that primal creature that you may envy others that have it. Take that drink, talk to that person that you are shy to, flip your personality for the day, if you are stern often be chill. If you are shy, be louder intentionally. A naughty person is flexible, and knows that life is your playground to try on and off the characters that we play. Dress up, try costumes, try binders, wigs, makeup, or caps. Expression with only your consent matters. Just because you are not a teenager it does not mean your identity should remain stagnant. Here is also a list of 33 ways to end fear.

Why are you the nice person? Is it to be known as a peacekeeper or do you not feel like you have a safe place to be yourself? Well, being that powerful person lies in breaking all of that down. Getting to those higher heights takes movement, and those deep nerves that make you shiver, and go inward. Question those, and remember a time when you felt powerful. Maybe it was at a choir performance, a baseball game, an awards ceremony. You can feel that human adrenaline that you body is crying out for. Beasts do not hide away. They thrive on the pain, and they use it to battle. Fight harder to get away from that stuck rut. You deserve better.

Much Love To All Of My Readers <3

Morgan Sankofa
Morgan Sankofa
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