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People Like Us

by Lakrisha Raymond 28 days ago in self help

We are here for all of it

People like us

People like us, we see the unseen

People like us, we feel from the in-between

You see, people like us are not the shadow

We should not be feared

We should not be judged

We should not be denied love

People like us, we are the parts of you that you cannot feel, the parts hidden and trapped by your bodies and minds; the parts no one took the time for.

People like us are the magnets for all of the hard emotions and experiences we have never been able to break free from

Because we see and we feel all the trapped potential inside all the people we love, with the heart of a Lion

We are trying to help you see that you deserve love and you deserve for all your dreams to come true

People like us, we carry your heart in ours and we will not stop until we know your soul is safe from the things you cannot see, or that you do not speak about

Do not be mad at the representation of all you had to bury deep within to survive – that energy always goes somewhere.

To your friend, your sister, your mother, your father, your brother, your children…

Work with all that scares you

People like us, we’re scared too.

We just do not speak the same language and there is a reason

How could we carry the weight of all we do while expressing nothing but rainbows and butterflies? We cannot – the polarization would energetically cripple us.

Empower our gifts.

Heal yourself so we know you’re safe.

Be congruent to your word with your actions.

People like us, we will die for you.

We will not let go until we know you’re safe in your mind, your body and your soul.

We are the guardians some never feel they got.

Skewed, misinformed and judged

We become the darkness that you are taught to fear

But you see, people like us will fight your demons for you until our souls sign a contract with the devil himself and we do not care how it makes us look

We know no other way for self-sacrifice is what we’ve been taught over and over.

If you do not look --- someone in your life will.

People like us want balance, we want structure, and we want harmony.

Yet we look around and see that that no longer exists on the mainstream level, and when we bring it up, we cause panic, unintentionally.

So, we get scared, people like us.

For we know that the way through the dark is a tumultuous battle,

Yet people like us, we’ve been training for this our whole lives

Just because there is a wolf in sheeps clothing does not mean that it is evil.

That depends entirely upon which one we all choose to feed. Be accountable to what you project into what you perceive to be darkness.

Do not fill us with judgment and then judge us for being dark; for does not judgment feed the same bad wolf within that we are taught to lock away?

Be accountable to your words for they bare weight in places that cannot be seen.

People like us don’t comprehend contradiction, so we cling to our survival modes belligerently.

Sometimes we don’t even know we’re acting against our true beliefs, people like us.

People like us, we carry the wounds of many, of everyone we’ve felt.

We crave understanding around what caused our people to be so shut off from their true gifts.

We want to learn, people like us.

But you see, we do not fit in here.

We will never feel whole in a 9-5,

We will never experience joy working for a bottom line that places the value of money over the value of humanity.

We will never feel fulfilled or satisfied and we will be torn down repeatedly for feeling these things because we show everything we feel right out in the open, and so you feel it, too.

People like us are not afraid of big emotions. We are the epitome of them for a purpose.

For you see, people like us know the love, the pain, the sorrow and the unlocked gifts inside of us all.

We carried as much as we could this time, for you.

We wanted you all to have a chance.

People like us, we rage.

Our rage comes from a sacred love long forgotten so we are feared. Yet all we crave is to have our sight back, our knowing. We need you to teach us that, so we are protected adequately.

People like us try to do it anyway and get lost. You know exactly what that means and people like us are sorry.

Teach us.

People like us learn by example. Lead us into the light with love.

We will never go without you, people like us

Neverland is right here inside us, and we can escape to endure the blackest of nights

People like us may appear to be a shadow

We may make you feel discomfort or fear

Yet, you cannot experience anything you did not already have within

People like us want you to heal yourself so that you may experience all that you thought was once dead

Deep beneath our anger and rage is terror, grief, shame, madness, chaos and confusion – but you see, it is not all ours.

We carry it for anyone and everyone who won’t or can’t look, and we get blamed for it.

Nothing will help us let it go, people like us aren’t capable of that

We are wired backwards, with our shadow up front

Do not exile people like us

We want the same thing for you as you do --- peace, joy, calm, exuberance, abundance…

And well, if people like us are born backwards then all we know to experience is the equal opposite of those things; frustration, despair, chaos, emptiness and lack.

What a beautiful way for us to balance each other, is it not?

People like us are the kids that make you the angriest and we really need your active attention.

Our souls need your light to be bright for us, to teach us how to love the light from the dark and work our way back to the light.

Please raise our souls too, people like us.

How do we learn to love it here if we are carrying all that broke all that we love and yet they are still participating in the same fundamental root patterns?

How do people like us know it’s safe if those who have gone before refuse to stop, look or listen?

People like us need you to slow down and give us the respect you never got as a child for it will heal us both.

On the other side of that which you fear most is your greatest blessing of all time.

People like us can see through the dark and into your greatest hidden potential, and we learned a short cut or two if you ever choose to accept us.

People like us, we cannot be talked at, for we can see all that lies beneath the surface

Show us. We want to heal too.

Yet, if people like us do not see that you can handle the deep, the dark and the terrifying…

We will never let go of all we carry for you.

People like us beg you to heal out loud no matter how young or how old or scared.

We will sacrifice ourselves for the greater good of our families and we will die with our names tarnished and our souls shattered like a thousand broken mirrors.

You see, people like us were born to do this --- we are just never taught how to alchemize the density within us --- we are taught to fear It.

We are taught to fear our existence, people like us, because our existence scares you, not us.

People like us are forced to turn on ourselves to feel the love every human needs, the way we need it.

And this experience makes people like us, turn on you, too.

Forever separating you from the biggest love you could have ever experienced together; the mother, the father and the child within, your own holy trinity, loving in unison.

People like us, fearing our true nature within, we then feel the fear and violations of all that we have come in contact with…and the density grows heavier. When people like us are taught to fear that which you fear, people like us get crushed by cycles of repetitive self-abandonment.

Teach us a new way, people like us want to be with you.

People like us have the souls of warriors,

We will drink the poison or end our lives for you because, well,

We are the accumulation of every shot never taken, every voice silenced, every gift unopened and every dream left to die.

We are the examples, in flesh, of what happens when you dis-honor the needs of your own soul, people like us. And we are the example for many for we walked through the full spectrum of darkness to be here, to show the truth of what happens when you run away from your temple for too long.

We are your brothers, your sisters, your children, your mothers, your fathers, your friends, your enemies, your anything and everything that has no label, people like us

People like us end up addicted, afflicted, labeled mental, insane, are chronically ill and we lose our connection to our own spirit and soul in an attempt to help you so you can help us, you see. For people like us can only see in the dark and we do not understand what is hidden and what is not. Our intent is to help always, and people like us need you to believe in us.

And then, people like us, we get left behind for no one knows how to help and the weight of our experience is far too heavy for many.

We carried it all until it crushed us, people like us. We do not know how to let it all go without our light being believed in and cultivated, even if it is darker, for the disbelief in us is what shatters our souls at root.

And deep down beneath all of the muck and the mire and the sticky black tar of our existence is this…

People like us cannot be so busy.

It is what forced our parents to leave us when all we wanted was connection and love, and we carry the need of our parents who only ever wanted the same thing yet couldn’t give us what they never got or learned was needed.

Our parents were people like us once too, they have just forgotten because they’ve been forgotten for much longer than us.

People like us need to slow down for it is this rat race we’re in that breeds the same emotions that people like us get crushed by, the emotions that constantly disconnect us from our light.

People like us want to hear your truth.

Not from a textbook, not from your high horse or degree or position of power, but from you. From your soul.

People like us will never feel okay receiving from only behind closed doors. We cannot hide. If we are safe why are we hiding our souls?

People like us are brilliance gone awry; trapped geniuses buried beneath the sands of time forever searching for a way back to the truth.

We fear what suppresses us.

People like us talk about the scary shit.

We talk about what scares you, and we try to explain its relevance and how it can be used in the light with love

Our darkness is nothing but our light turned sour for it was not believed in and therefore we were not taught how to use our gifts.

Now the gifts are so trapped beneath the pain of all we tried to help liberate so that we could also heal, that it just seems hopeless. For you cannot see them and will not acknowledge them until we can be like you, and people like us do not know how to do it that way.

People like us give up when we feel like a burden

We do not mean to cause others harm we just want to heal, too

We need to be shown how to do it our way, safely and sometimes I cannot be done in a doctors office for it is the soul that is struggling.

People like us feel big and we feel deep, help us learn how to soar through the waves of mud

People like us carry your hearts in our hearts, and we carry them with honor.

We will not let go unless we are sure you are safe. We do not understand how.

People like us, we will let you hate us in an attempt to save your own soul for we see what you long for.

Go and get it, it is safe

People like us will come from the shadows and we will help you uncover all you’ve closed your mind to

For you see, people like us have kept the good stuff safe for us all, hidden right beneath the shadow

People like us only fed the good wolf so the bad one ate away at our brains and our bodies, which separated us from you in an attempt to break us entirely.

But our spirits cannot be broken, people like us

We carry the strength of God inside our hearts too, and we have been here, hiding, ready, waiting for our time.

Please, show us the way, we are ready and we are willing.

Free yourselves so we can see whats ours and let go.

We want to do it together, people like us

Please, remember what we all lost and accept us.

We have been right here this whole time, as have you.

People like us we need you

And you us

A true balancing act with unconditional love right in the center, in the spirit

People like us, we are the expression of all the love we never got and truly needed

Show us

Guide us

Empower us

Educate us

Let us be free to do and learn things in our own ways so we can truly understand

Listen to our stories for they are not what you perceive, they are the truth of what lies beneath the first impression

People like us, we are the lost love we gave up along the way in order to survive

And now, in order to survive, people like us need to be found

People like us, we are here for all of it

Let us be

Let us free

Believe in us

We have the best interest of all buried deep within

Show us how to access it safely

For we are the Lotuses

Step into the mud, get your feet dirty and let the people like us help you wash off the darkness that you hid from for so long

People like us, we are good at this

Let us help in the ways we can, people like us, and watch our lights shine as bright as you have always known possible

Believe in us, people like us, for without that we cannot rise.

self help

Lakrisha Raymond

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Lakrisha Raymond
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