Pain VS Pleasure

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Learning to pick what makes you tick

Pain VS Pleasure
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I once read a passage that taught me about our inner motivating factors. This passage explained that we are all motivated by two things: we either move towards pleasure or away from pain. Have you thought about what makes you move? Have you pondered on what propels your progress?

You can tap into what makes you tick in life. You can figure out how to maneuver and how to engage yourself in any activity. I had to ask myself a while back when starting my podcast, and even this blog, what were my motivating factors? What is it that will sustain my drive?

I know that I have always wanted to have an impact on people's lives. I draw inspiration from others and I find people amazing. The things that we can do as human beings are incredible. Knowing this still wasn't enough to keep me going. It did not manage to keep me honest when it came to consistency. I had to figure out a way to push myself. It turns out that the way to achieve this was to get creative with my psychology. All I had to do was figure out if I was motivated by pain or pleasure.

There are many questions that we can ask ourselves. I listen to Jim Kwik and he often says he believes questions are the answer. Start asking yourself more probing questions. You'll find that answers arrive even quicker than you anticipated. Instead of asking yourself "Why must I do this?" or "What happens if I do this?" suppose you ask yourself "What happens if I don't do this? How will my life turn out if I don't pursue my dream? What circumstances will continue to happen if I choose not to dedicate this time?"

Start to dig deep on your inner questioning. What will happen to you by not chasing your dream? What will happen to your family by putting things on the back burner? You know that the time will pass by anyway. Time never waits for any of us. The day will come when we are no longer. You may even be reading this article after I have passed on. If this is so, then my hope is that it spurred you to action. That it inspired you to seize the day.

Whether we pass on from one form to the next, this life will end for us all. Ask yourself, my friend, what is it that will get you going? Will it be pain or pleasure?

Picking your poison

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I decided I had to create a scenario that was painful for me. I had to make it so painful that I had no other option. I had no other choice but to put my energy and time into my dream. If I didn't, I would be losing something valuable, something I have spent time and energy to receive.

You can use this concept in any area of your life. It can be going to the gym and working out your body. Are you going to the gym for pleasure? Seeking the approval of the woman or man of your dreams? Do you want to be more fit because you enjoy the way it feels? Do you like being fit because you enjoy being healthy?

Or are you avoiding pain? You might be looking in the mirror and dislike yourself. You don't like what you see and you feel weak. You want to be strong because you used to be picked on. You never want to be out of control again. One of these will be your determining factor. Make sure to keep your WHY simple. When you know your WHY you can accomplish any HOW. When you know your WHY the odds don't matter.

I have a friend who told me there is no pain without pleasure, and no pleasure without pain. There must always be duality and balance. The great equalizer is that, if you chase pleasure only, your life will be painful. When pain comes to you and all you've known is pleasure, will you be equipped to handle that pain?

"Pain and pleasure are never far apart." ~Carol Storm

Start to choose pain on purpose, and you may find that on your journey you will encounter great pleasure. Pleasure that many people are denied. Pleasure that many people yearn for. Pleasures that many will never see in their lives. They were too afraid to face pain. To forgo fear and find the greatest pleasures life has to offer. Pleasures that we can all have and hold.

Face your fears today. Go through pain today. The choice is up to you, my friend. Which will it be? Will you avoid pain or move towards pleasure? Either option is an option. Neither is better or worse, but both have consequences. Choose for yourself and choose now because time will not wait. Either you choose to visit pain, or pain may be paying you a visit.

"Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will become easy." ~Les Brown

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Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
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