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Overcome Shyness For Greater Life

by Michael V 3 months ago in self help
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One solution, big impact

Overcome Shyness For Greater Life
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Shyness can be a problem. Because shyness can make it difficult to communicate with others. You may find it difficult to communicate, maybe because you do not feel worth talking to or because you think that you are not interesting. But, the good news is that shyness can sometimes be confused with rudeness, making friendships or maintaining difficult relationships, but it can be overcome with the right attitude.

"There are many ways to overcome shyness and each one is unique."

First Analyze

As mentioned above, there are many ways to overcome shyness. There are many factors that make us shy, so we must first analyze these factors and make a list of things that scare us. Then we filter why we are ashamed. If we are reasonably ashamed, like ashamed to talk to others because we have skin problem like acne, then try to fix the factor first which is the skin.

But if the factors are different and irrational, like we have the most for example, for example like you’re afraid and shy to make a conversation to people with higher status than you such as richer, more educated, more handsome/beautiful, and so on, then take a step out of our comfort zone is the only one solution to overcome this, because if we have this kind of mindset it makes us only confident in the environment where no one is “better/higher” than us which will result in us being very difficult to develop because it will limit us from the perspective of people who are “better/higher” than us.

One Simple Solution

Well, one way to overcome shyness is to consciously strive for extravagance. It may mean smiling more, making more eye contact and talking more often. It may take some time to get used to this behavior, but it will become second nature to us.

Another way to overcome shyness is to expose yourself to situations that make you shy. This could mean going to a social event or even going to a new challenge like anything else that scares us, setting the goal of talking to at least two new people a day and trust me, by exposing ourselves to these situations, we will eventually become more comfortable and shy.

So, the main idea of this concept is do what we fear, because if we do what we fear it will force us to get out of our comfort zone and will also force us to behave like what we don't want. It means, we are in the "learning stage" to having our second nature and remember "no pain no gain"


So, the most important thing is to overcome the discomfort and stay consistent in doing what we fear. Reliability is also important for several reasons. First of all, we can build confidence. Second, it helps us build relationships because the more we interact with others, the more meaningful connections we can make. Finally, it allows us to grow and learn because each new situation allows us to know more about ourselves and the world around us and by implementing this will improve our experience and knowledge and at the same time we can feel and get many benefits from the great connections we build with others.

For the closing, I just want to say "if you're shy, you know you're not alone." But don't let that stop you from living a full life. Be bold and consistent because this is the only way to overcome shyness and achieve fullness for the sake of greater and more enjoyable social life we will get.

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Michael V

Hi! I am a university student with high interest to share valuable content and lesson I got especially self-improvement topic.

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