Our Time Is Now

by Aidy Perry 2 years ago in goals

Together, We Rise.

Our Time Is Now

When I wake up in the morning, I meditate.

I center myself, I find my inner peace, and I meditate my ass off.

This is my way of preparing myself for all of the news I will see throughout the day on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I prepare myself for the next shoe to drop because let's be honest, a new shoe seems to drop every day.

There are conversations all over the world that are happening right now.

The good news is that these conversations are happening, and the focus is on the issues that we are all dealing with. Are they always respectful and conducive? Nope, but I guess that is the beauty of social media, everyone is free to talk openly and share their opinions.

Take the Time’s Up movement, for example, this movement sheds a big bright light on harassment that has plagued most of us in some way. If you haven’t dealt with it personally, chances are that you know someone who has, even if you aren’t aware of it.

I cannot express the amount of respect I have for the people who have come forward, who have told their story, who are standing up for themselves and anyone who doesn’t have a voice.

The #metoo movement is eye-opening and heartbreaking. We finally feel like we can speak up about our experiences -and it's about damn time.

Harassment isn’t okay.

It is NEVER okay.

It doesn't matter what that person is wearing. It doesn't matter if they smiled in your general direction. It certainly doesn't matter if you went out with them in the past, or if they said they'd get a cup of coffee with you. None of these examples justify sexually harassing someone.

Don’t do it.

If you are forcing the situation, it’s not mutual.

It shouldn't be hard to NOT harass and abuse someone, millions of people manage to not do it every single day.

Nobody is entitled to anyone else.

Be respectful of other people, their bodies, their emotions, their personal space. Nobody owes anyone else anything. Not in an office, not on a movie set, not in a bar, and not in a car...you get the idea.

The tides have turned.

We aren't backing down.

No more excuses.

The Women's March is another great example of people taking a stand on the issues that matter, the issues that affect us all on some level. Women's rights, healthcare, equal pay, black lives matter, LGBTQ rights, sexual assault, and reproductive rights.

In 2017 over 2 million people came together to protest and march for our rights.

Human rights.

Over TWO million people. It is insane that we still have to fight for what is right.

Why do we have to fight for women to be able to choose what they do with their bodies? Why are we still having to fight so that people can be treated like human beings? Why do we have to fight to be who we want to be?

As far as I know, we all need oxygen to live, and we all bleed red. Am I missing something?

It shouldn't matter who someone loves, or how they identify themselves, or where they were born, we are all human beings.

Over 2 million people came together to fight for the rights that everyone deserves. The power we hold is a force to be reckoned with. We are stronger together, and we will win. We will win because we won't give up, and we won't back down. We will stand together in solidarity for what is right, for our freedom, because nobody has a right to take that away from us. We own our power. Speak up, and don't stop fighting, because our time is now.

No more excuses.

Together, We Rise.

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