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From A Platform Like Vocal to and Economic Union Like the EU or USA Collaboration Is The Way Forward

By Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Published 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read

As people come together in groups or teams, they benefit from working together and creating a beneficial environment for all members. Although I will not go on about the UK leaving the EU to benefit a few criminals and keep non-whites out is an amazing piece of stupidity.

I have a blog that I write and maintain on my own and while it can get anything from ten to two thousand hits a day, I cannot be sure anyone actually reads it. But I am alone in pushing this, but it's also very personal and just subject to my own rules only.

When I joined Vocal there were rules to observe and quality lines to confirm. Surprisingly this caused me to actually write more and start to feel part of something bigger, and actually get a small reward for what I was doing.

If we look at the EU we see an organization of countries with the concept of working together for the benefit of all members. One of the benefits of this is peace between the nation which enabled nations to build. War and fighting is destructive and never results in progress.

Going down to national level the comedian Henning Berg said "In Germany, we don't give to charities, we pay our taxes", and when everyone pays their fair share this can be used to benefit all in any way.

Taxes can be used to build an infrastructure of transport, utilities, education healthcare, social security, and housing, which in turn creates a very healthy economy.

In Vocal plus, members contribute and everyone can tip stories they enjoy and this with sponsorship is one of the building blocks of the infrastructure of Vocal.

Both the EU and Vocal have faults and very often people focus on the faults rather than the successes. The EU has brought peace and prosperity to the continent bought there are instances of huge wastes of money, but these pale into insignificance against the costs of war.

Vocal provides lots of advice and help, and when we move into social media we can actually collaborate with other Vocal creators and help, offer constructive criticism, and become exposed to creators who may be far beyond what you had originally expected from being here.

I originally saw Vocal as a platform, but now it has, for me, become a true community. I have made new friends here, and shared memories and knowledge, and received the same back from creators who are now friends.

You can find fault with anything. I knew someone who if they couldn't find a fault they would complain it was too perfect, and there were two measures, too much or not enough.

Both the EU and Vocal have faults, but they will be dealt with, it is the nature of any developing entity, but the benefits are worth working with the entity to reap.

On Vocal there are the options of earning rewards from reads, tips , bonuses, and challenges, but even better than all that is the social bonding and camaraderie that comes from being a Vocal member whether plus or basic.

The Facebook Vocal Support groups bring all members closer together where we can chat about how to do things better and how to benefit from writing, collaboration, and correspondence.

Working together benefits everyone especially when the focus is on improving everything for everyone , and this is true of the Vocal groups, the Vocal platform, countries, and unions such as the EU or the United States.

People like Lesley Anne and Tom Bradbury (click on their names to discover them, but Tom is sadly lost to u) are an integral part of this wonderful creative infrastructure

So what I'm saying is while sometimes it’s good to doing things on your own , working together can really enhance your creativity when you know that others will back you and encourage you , and I suppose a suitable song will be “Join Together” by The Who.


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    Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Written by Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛

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