On Resiliency

by Chahat Sharma 2 years ago in self help

Our lives bring with it many celebrations as well as times of great loss. Whether in school, at work, or in our relationships, sometimes we suffer one hit too many and wonder whether it is worth it at all to get back again. But, be it a day, a week, or a year, surely we rise. We fight back. You fight again, harder and stronger. You face your next obstacle dead in the eyes and assure it that its days are numbered. You will overcome this battle.

On Resiliency

We seem to have reached a point in time where our lives are more stressful than ever. Each day the responsibilities on our shoulders seemingly increase, our thirst to achieve our dreams and goals grow stronger, and the emotional and mental stress laid upon us by our jobs, degrees, or relationships often take a physical toll. How can we expect to keep going in times like this? How do we overcome the overwhelming urge to simply pull the covers over our heads and ignore the call to rise another day and function, when we feel dismally hopeless? Resiliency is the name of the game.

Books, talk shows, podcasts, and almost everywhere else, it seems like the secret to success has always relied upon one fundamental habit. To rise, each and every time after we fall. Whether we stumble, trip over ourselves, or downright fall hard in the dirt, face first—it is the understanding deep within ourselves that this is not how our story will end. Our journey was not meant to end in loss, regret, or failure. We are products of opportunity and self-worth. Know that you are meant to succeed and put yourself in positions where it can be brought to fruition. It will not be easy, and it most definitely won't come as quick as you'd hope—but by the laws that hold this very universe together—with the right conditions and the right attitude, there is no position, no dream too far from your reach.

Resiliency maintains itself as the art of daring to fail and bracing yourself for what may come. Then, carefully wiping the dirt off yourself, and slowly rising once again to attack what stands in the way of you and your desires.

It resides in every single one of us. Our very existence through time and space is the result of our resilient ancestors and ever-persisting DNA. Through harsh times, impossible conditions, and incredible hardships—the affirmation that you choose whether to stay down or to get back up. Take another pick at it, try to beat the problem a different way, but don't give up. There is incredible power within you, an unstoppable force of life, that when harnessed by your willpower, will guarantee you success.

While your personal tragedies and traumas are painful and require mourning your loss and healing, you must know that the process of healing, accepting, and internalizing your pain is the very thing that will calcify your personal power. There are so many things in my life that have occurred, and I never thought they could happen to me. There are so many times that my heart has felt shattered and my hopes faded away, so many times where I have doubted whether this fight is worth it. But I know that it is worth it. I know now, looking back five years, why my pain was worth it. I know why my current struggle will be worth it in the future. It is crucial that I keep going. No matter the end goal in our personal lives, this eternal fight to survive is what gives our life purpose and what makes us wiser and more prepared for the tougher battles we will face down the line.

You must never stop chasing that which sets your soul on fire, the very thing that burns a passion even you cannot douse. So be it a year, or a month, or 100 hit and misses—I dare you to tap into your resilient nature one more time. And after that, again and again and again, until you have achieved your present goals, and I encourage you to follow by persisting until your utmost desires lay in the palm of your hand.

This life holds incredible opportunity and light—magic working in ways we would have never imagined—so long as we have the courage to pursue them fearlessly.

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Chahat Sharma
Chahat Sharma
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