OMG No Instagram Likes!!!

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What the heck is going on?

OMG No Instagram Likes!!!

So before anyone decides that they are going to freak out by looking at my title

Okay you can freak out 3...2...1

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced they are going to start doing a test in the US that will remove the visibility of the likes one receives from those who see your posts.

In simplest terms the people that follow you won't be able to see the likes you receive. Only you will be able to see your like count.

Disclaimer: This does not mean the likes are deleted.

I know a lot of people are confused on that matter for some odd reason.

This has caused a spiral of responses from celebrities as well as creators.

As the growth of social media and technology has expanded so has the rise of anxiety & depression. Especially teens or those within that 14 -30 year old age group. I mean think about it. In your teen years, which range from about 13-18, you are going through puberty. Abnormal body changes, acne, ya know the fun stuff you couldn't look forward to so your family don't try to treat you like a "little kid" anymore. Trying to fit in, gain friends so you don't look and feel like a loner, and feel accepted among peers who you probably won't be in contact with in your adulthood after you walk across the stage to receive your high school diploma. It's really weird out there. Puberty & adulthood, both are weird by the way.

I'm sure nothing feels worse as a teen than seeing your classmate posting what you believe to be "the most perfect selfies that were used with snapchat filters.

You notice they are getting so many likes. More than you even.

The comparisons begin.

Whereas people in their mid twenties are somewhat focused on how they look and they want to somewhat have life all figured out. Well at least they want it to "seem" like they have it all together. Living the "American Dream," in their 9-5 careers when in reality they feel miserable because they wish they could have had the courage to pursue an another alternative profession, but they just want to impress their close minded community of family/peers on social media that they literally realize they just wasted some time out of their life they'll never get back.

They go on social media to see what their old high school and college friend is doing with their life (what it appears to be cool and awesome) and then the self comparison begins because they wish they were in their shoes.

When in reality no matter how many likes or followers you don't have...

I think that is what Instagram is trying to avoid. The comparison, the judging, the depression, the anxiety. I feel like Instagram wants us to focusing on just enjoying the moment, having fun putting out content because you want to do it not because you feel you need to do it "for the likes."

Just something to think about

  • Shouldn't we just be able to enjoy the platform without losing our minds over a feature being hidden such as likes?

  • Shouldn't we be focusing on stepping up the content we post and to create natural engagement from our supporters?

  • Shouldn't we just not place validation on our self worth all because the likes won't be visible for your followers?

I honestly won't be bothered by the likes being hidden but the argument relies on the fact that some people feel that their likes will drastically go down if they aren't visible. I guess their theory is "If people don't see other people liking it will they still like it," because I guess most people will naturally flock to someone who has a lot of likes & followers because they appear as though they are a "more influential person."

As a creative I feel engagement matters to me more than likes because in the back in my head of thinking Why do you like it? Do you mind explaining in the comments? Are you human that actually engages or are you a robot that just scrolls and double taps posts & exit out the app once you're done for the day?

My theory is if someone really supports your content they will show that support whether it's through a share, like, shout out, or through a comment. Whether other people are contributing or not.

We have to come to grips of that imagine when Instagram wasn't even here. If Instagram decided to completely shut down today, tomorrow, and/or next week (hopefully it won't though because I put my blood, sweat, & tears in creating an aesthetic feed lol) would you still be following your dreams? Would you still look for another approach to follow your dreams. We can't solely just rely on an app that has us sucked into a smartphone let alone features from a single app for us to reach our goals.

Is an invisible like going to stop your grind?

I honestly feel this invisible like upgrade will show who is passionate and who is just "doing it for the likes."

You aren't here to please nobody but yourself.

Everyone isn't for everyone.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Well before Instagram decides to remove itself fully (comic relief) if you are into visual art & fashion don't hesitate to check out my IG: chynnaken

Oh now let me introduce myself. Hey my name is Chynna. I am an aspiring model, custom designer, & visual artist. So expect more posts from me in regards to style, fashion, art/media culture.

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Chynna Ken
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