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New Year Intentions

by Jenna Rae Mueller 5 months ago in goals
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New Year Intentions
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


We did it! We have almost made it through 2021 already. It's gone by quickly. Certainly, more quickly than the-year-that-mustn't-be-named.

If you're in the same generation as me, you grew up with New Year's Resolutions. (Are they still a thing?)

Where a person thinks about a trait about their selves that they don't like and they reframe it into a solution as to how to solve their problem or fix said trait and undoubtedly for most people, that resolution isn't re-solved by the next New Year's Resolution setting party.

It's a rather discouraging cycle to partake in.

As a young adult who's gotten involved in a few self-improvement groups on Facebook -- I came across New Year's Intentions about four/five years ago.

Instead of trying to fix the things you don't like about yourself, you set an intention for what you want to do, how you want to feel, maybe create a vision board for the year. You choose what feels right as a word for the year and it certainly feels empowering and positive!

If you're like me, you may lose sight during the year of this word. But, this year - --- I know that I am personally choosing another new word. I'm not sure what as of the moment I write this.

What I do know is one of my goals is to keep writing again. I suppose a word could be happiness, to focus on happiness and being happy in the moment?

I wanted to write this to challenge you to focus on intentions for the year and for life. If you don't have goals, I hope you think about setting them. If you don't that is a-okay.

This doesn't have to be some "hippy dippy new age fangled yuppie trend", regardless of whatever your spiritual beliefs may or may not be you can set a word for the year, set small goals towards your larger goals and have a fun time be it as a self care tradition or a party with friends.

Some words to think about are:






Either way, I hope you have a magnificent Christmas and a blessed New Year.

You deserve it.

- Jenna Rae Mueller

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Jenna Rae / Mueller is a mother of three, self published author of a poetry book, writer on Vocal, Certified Reiki Master, who just so happened to have forgotten about the word count limit before attempting to submit this piece of writing to Vocal right before Christmas! Oops!

If you're reading this, thank you for your support it truly means the world !

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Thank you so much. Stay blessed!

~ Jenna Rae (Mueller)


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