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BookTube and Getting Back to Books

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YouTube was never something that I had envisioned for myself.

I would hear my friends talk about it but never really saw the appeal. Then I got to a low point where I had been trying to find my way in the world and learn how writing could remain a part of my life that would give me a substantial income so that I wouldn't have to lose the one thing that I loved.

I searched desperately in my college classes to find any and every job that was spoken of and see if it was worth it.

Surprise, surprise, I came across screenplay writing. I had remembered someone saying something about a short film on YouTube being recognized for an award.

I thought to myself, that could be promising. I mean I would never reach that status, but maybe it could be enough for awhile until I published my works.

It was my last shred of hope. I went for it and went down a rabbit hole of content. I saw YouTube for what it could be. What it was meant for. A way to showcase talented, young individuals who wanted to make their mark on the world.

They did not have a penny or ounce of notoriety to their name at the start, but that did not stop them. It was inspiring. I wanted to learn what it took. I realized that my mind would go down so many different what if scenarios that it took me longer than most would to write a script.

So how to adapt to that?

Well people are making videos of talking and showing their life to make money. It sounds promising. But would that be enough?

Am I enough?

It was then I came across some amazing people who were talking about books, movies and even writing! How was that possible? How was their a great community out there that could love the one thing that I have been passionate about and studying for such a long time.

I cried. I literally turned off the computer and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I was filled with a determination to make this life happen. I had a new purpose and a new goal.

So I filmed the video that you see at the top of this article.

What you say on that face was pure joy. I had not been reading for four years, I had not been writing for a few months, I had been feeling utterly worthless for the better part of 3 years.

That face was one of joy.

I will forever be indebted to my entire audience and group of supporters for that. They will never know that just their willingness to watch and listen to what I had to say had forever started me on a path of hope and renewed confidence.

It was this community that showed me that there is always a will and a way. I will forever be writing and making videos until I physically cannot because I owe it to them, to those that have been here in my personal life off screen.

More than that, to myself.

For the better part of a full year I have been on this platform uploading, talking and growing in many ways that I have found to be positive. Of course there has been some struggles as far as keeping my attention specifically on reading and writing as I have a personal/commentary channel that I constantly have thoughts, opinions, and pose solutions.

So much of the YouTube platform has multiple scenarios that are going on at play that is more than in house 'drama'. It has crossed a line and people want solutions. I have some opinions, context and form some solutions based on what I know to open up the conversations.

However, that is just not the mindset that I want to have all the time. I am a storyteller who has joined the YouTube community in many ways to help me learn more, observe more and write more.

What I happen to do in both channels are just two different techniques moving towards the same goal.

When it comes to this specific community I am just able to sit in front of a camera, have some fun with my books and my writing, block out the world, and engage with some amazing people.

Do not get me wrong, I have amazing people in my community as well. However, the atmosphere is more relaxed and let us just say a little more geeked out.

I know that not many people are with the whole book talk and writer path so I allow myself to have two outlets as a way to express myself, learn what others are looking for, and growing both as a writer and person.

The changes have been truthfully very life-changing and it has given me a whole new outlook and perspective on what I want to do. The future was always an uncertain thing for me.

It used to be frightening.

Now it is a promise that life is going to be exciting and I can make the most of my time here. The surety of a plan can be helpful and of course I have goals and ambitions. That is not what I am saying.

What I am saying is that while I have goals I have learned to take each day as it comes and make the best decisions I can in the moment rather than trying to make them in regards to how that may affect my future.

Of course the future can be affected, but I cannot be afraid to take a risk in the present because it doesn't directly match the fantasy that you have for your future. You can still get to where you want to but it most likely will not be the way you plan.

Do not be afraid of change.

As always, thank you so much for reading! If you want to follow this journey you can click here and of course if you would like to know some authors who have inspired my journey you can read this article.

Mayan Kingdom
Mayan Kingdom
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