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My 50 things to achieve by my 50 th birthday .. From today June 9 2021 until July 19 2022....

in the space of 13 months...

By Donna BolchPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

I am a stay at home mum who has a few health issues and i like to try and make goals to work towards each year.

If i dont reach all of them i am not going to get upset about it because i dont want to stress about them , rather they give me something to look forward to and take my mind off my pain,and i want to be a role model to my 2 adult children that you should always have goals and do your best to achieve them.

My goals are as follows...

1/ Get into the healthy weight range for my height..

I have struggled all of my life with my weight going up and down..As a child and a teen i was always skinny. My relatives used to call me long and lanky, skinny and cranky.

But after high school i started putting on weight and when i met my husband at age 23, i weighed around 76kgs, then i went down to 62 in time for our wedding at age 27.

Two children, a few bouts of depression, and a lot of different medical conditions over the next 21 years ,saw my weight plummet to 57 when i had pancreatitis at age 38 , then go up to 94 at age 44 and now in june 2021 i weigh 86.

The healthy weight range for my height is 56-71 kgs. So if i can get into that range and stay there i will be happy..i just want to be healthy.

Me with my hubby in heaviest ever weight of 94kgs..

me at the time of writing this in 2021 around 86kgs...i had tummy pulling undies on!

2/Everything in our house has a place..

For our home to be clean and inviting and to know where everything is.

3/ Help my son and daughter get their licences by continuing to teach them how to drive.

4/ learn a new skill.

use the internet to find and learn how to do something i havent done before.

5/Pay off an extra $1000 off our mortgage...

i have already done this in 2020 through to 2021 and i want to do it again in doing the following:

-by rounding down to the nearest zero in our account..for example :-if there is 20.49 in my everyday account i put .49 onto our loan.

- do more surveys and put any money earnt into loan.

-any dividends i get from stocks i put some in savings and some on mortgage.

-any money earnt from vocal or other small projects i do.

6/ Have a garage clearout...

7/Get a new front door

Our current front door looks awful and is broken.

8/get a quote for a studio for the backyard..

:to do art and photography in.

9/ grow my nails and have a french manicure and pedicure done.

10/Go to church on christmas eve and read or listen to the entire bible.

I used to go to church with my grandmother when i was a kid and i have been wanting to know more about the bible and find more meaning in my life.

11/ Hang all pictures in our house

we have a few frames that still need to be put up that we have made or brought.

12/sell some stuff at market

things that i have made or no longer use from around the house.

13/ have 10 dinner parties at our home for family and friends.

This will depend on whether we are in lockdown or not!

14/ Have another hard rubbish collection done.

15/ grow some more vegies

16/ grow some more herbs

17/ grow some more fruit

18/ grow celery from cutting

19/ earn more than $100 from vocal

20/earn $100 or more from doing surveys.

21/ have a suprise party for my daughters 18th.

22/ have a party for my 50th

23/ save up for the awesome pressie for my hubbys 60th.

24/ suprise someone with something special.

25/make special pressie for my dads 75 th

26/ do a bob ross painting

27/ do a colored pencil piece

28/ earn more money from photography.

29/sort all sox in our singles.

30/get into my dream outfit for my 50th.

31/ whiten teeth

32/have a facial

33/ suprise my husband with an awesome date.

34/ go camping with the family.

35/ get a hot stone massage done.

36/grow my hair and have it long by my 50th.

37/ fit into my dream outfit by my 50th.

38/ eyebrows...secret.

39/eyebrows, lip and chin wax

40/ no longer be like a hybernating bear and get rid of the leg hair and underarm hair!

41/ reach my savings goals for the year 2021 and half way through 2022.

42/ visit more family and friends.

43/the butlers pantry started

44/the bathroom finished

45/ the laundry painted.

46/go on a holiday to celebrate my 50th and my husbands 60th in the same year.

47/ work on my secret projects

48/go to a winery for a tasting

49/be a matron of honor and photographer at one of my besties wedding.

50/feel confident and sexy .

if you want to see how i did with these goals you can subscribe to me on vocal and i will do a follow up in july.


About the Creator

Donna Bolch

i am the very proud mother of two incredible humans,and the wife of a wonderful husband of more than 20 years,.

i suffer from fibromyalgia and functional neurological disorder.

I love photography, and reaching my goals.

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