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Mindful Tricks

by Merjaunie Lena 4 months ago in advice
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Dont Let It Control You

Mindful Tricks
Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash

We all go through some emotional trauma at some point in our lives, emotinal, physical mental etc. It could be from a heartbreak, losing a loved one, or even just from being in a toxic relationship with somebody. We all deal with it one way or another, and eventually that feeling you once felt that was so gut wrenching will no longer cease to exist, but it takes time to completely heal from it. Time, patience with yourself and even your own mind, because if not healed properly your mind will still bring up those certain moments in your life, and still have an affect on you.

You could be completely healed from what once haunted you, and stood in the back of your mind each and everyday, and still find yourself randomnly thinking about those thoughts. It's not even intentional to think about these things, but it still pops up out of no where. You could either choose to sit there and keep thinking about these events, and let it completely ruin your mood or just change the subject. Sometimes the mind is to powerful for even ourselves to control, because if we let it, it can be our worse enemy. Yes it can be years since these events occured, and feel nothing towards it anymore that sometimes you'll laugh it off, but let your mind continue to think about it, and you'll begin to feel sad, mad, upset, or even start crying because your mind is reminding you of all these emotions you felt before. I think we all eventually get over these feelings as time passes it becomes easier and easier, but we most definitely don't forget these memories, and sometimes the past feelings will come along, but that's only if you let it.

You can either control your mind, and your thoughts or let it control you is how I see it. See I write this out of the top of my head, and it's 12:06 AM my mind was wandering into my thoughts of these past events that have happened to me, and I wanted to bring it up and talk about it, but truth be told it's not going to get me anywhere so here I am writing this late at night to control my mind, and not let it get the best of me. You can either sit there, and think about it and let your mood get ruined or you can simply tell yourself how irrelevant it is to be thinking about these events and think about how better it is now. You always have that choice, and some people are better than others at controlling their own thoughts. I know it's easier said than done, but instead of thinking about the past and how hurt you were and how you felt then, think about how you are today and how better your life has been since then. Don't dwell on what isn't anymore and focus more on the good and what's to come. Do not let your own mind have that power over you, don't let your mind play these tricks on you. If it's not present just forget it, and if it's not current it's not worth it. The past is the past for a reason let it stay there where it belongs, you are your mind, and your thoughts are yours just don't let them have that power over you to bring back those old feelings and emotions that aren't relevant anymore. You are stronger than what you know, and it starts by controlling yourself and your playful mind too.


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