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Mindful Making Is What You Make of It

Comparing perspectives on "threading the needle" of life—a self-discovery prompt for journalling.

By The Vocal Creators ChroniclePublished about a year ago 3 min read
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What Brings You Regenerative Healing In Your Life?

We were tasked to define "Mindful Making" in reference to threading the needle of our lives. The challenge may be over, but we invite you to read our perspectives and try journalling your own experience.

The Prompt:

"Much like the saying goes of “threading the needle,” each day we skillfully navigate through difficult moments, and decisions in our lives. Whether our jobs are pushing us to the limit, or our families require more of our attention, there’s always a tug of war between showing up for ourselves and for others. This is why we want to hear about how you disconnect from the world and give yourself a well-deserved mindful making break." -Threading the Needle Vocal Challenge. Grand prize: $5000

Colouring In Helped Me Get Through Cancer

"I was used to achievements. In my job I would sometimes make hundreds of fast decisions every day. I was a person used to being on their feet, reacting, planning, driving things forward. I had purpose in life. Aims. Then I stopped being able to think clearly and had a chronic need to sit down all the time.

As I won the battle of my life, I often felt like I was dying.

It panicked me to be honest. Anxiety built. I had this awful feeling that in my incapacity, through my clouded judgement, I was letting everyone down. None more so than my beautiful baby.

I went from being a giver in life to a taker."

Textiles and Me

"I try most things once, unless they relate to a known trigger. Costuming and sewing, embroidery, weaving, beading... if it looked interesting, I tried it. Weaving, sewing and embroidery are the ones that endured, though weaving was slightly constrained by the fact that my apartment did not have space for a full-sized loom. Nor was it big enough for a dedicated sewing room, though the house I moved into earlier this year does.

It took a little longer to discover an unexpected side-benefit: the repetitive motions were a fantastic way of stimming when I was self-concious about using figit toys in public."

How to Spin a Yarn

"Threading the needle to me, means a constant practice of mindfulness and attention to my triggers and ups and downs. The hardest thing to face has been the uncertainty of trusting myself; unless you've been in my shoes, it's impossible to know what it feels like to wonder whether your thoughts, feelings and actions are sane or not.

However, despite the hardships and sacrifices required to live a mentally healthy life, I wouldn't wish to be any different. Being bipolar lets my mind fly. My sources of inspiration and drive to create are fathomless and it's been that way for as long as I can remember."


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First published January 13, 2021 by The Vocal Creators Chronicle by Call Me Les


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