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Mid Life Career Change: Madness or Promising Opportunity

by Rahau Mihai 2 months ago in how to
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Many of us are coping with the many difficulties brought on by living in a world that is always changing. In my situation, as in the cases of millions of other workers worldwide, I have finally reached midlife and continue to work in a very complicated social and economic context.

After a lengthy career in the lending sector, I've come to the realization that never have my knowledge and expertise been so sharp; now, I can confidently state that I'm at the top of my game. Due to my present work as a Freelance Senior Underwriter and Business Consultant, I am often hired by Lenders, Private Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Realtors. This enables me to assess my level of expertise and experience when customers hire me to design very complicated projects.

You may be asking how anything said above connects to the article's title, and the solution is as follows.

There are a lot of worthwhile and productive individuals in the world, but many of them are stuck working for minimum pay or doing jobs that no one else wants. However, they all have the same trait: they are at the top of their game! Any business "willing" to see their potential and genuine worth will find them to be a great asset thanks to the expertise and information they have amassed through time.

The hard fact is that most companies have inexperienced managers overseeing their human resources functions, and internal regulations often discriminate against older workers on the grounds that they won't be as productive as younger employees.

This group of individuals, who are in their midlife professional stage and are ready to discover some form of chance to utilize their expertise and experience, served as my motivation for writing this post. Sadly, there aren't a lot of possibilities available.

I first met David M., a former director of a Houston-based commercial mortgage banker, more than 16 years ago. My doctor suggested a job shift for me while I was healing from a back injury because of my new limits. I explained my predicament and my clear worries to David at some point during a casual phone call. He asked me if I would be interested to master the fundamentals of commercial loans and business finance after we had exchanged a number of ideas. I agreed, and looking back, I can see that it was the finest move I ever did.

I discovered a job opportunity that changed my life in the loan sector, and I am still reaping the benefits of a very fruitful professional endeavor some 17 years later.

I was motivated to share my expertise and knowledge because of all the advantages and rewards I had gotten over the years. So I created a simple tool so anybody, including those without prior experience or understanding in the lending sector, could simply learn the fundamentals of commercial real estate finance and begin a successful and fulfilling career shift. "Commercial Real Estate Finance: Training for Newbies" is the title of my book, which is listed on Amazon Books.

Maybe some of you are debating if changing careers in your forties is sane or a great opportunity: The difference, therefore, is between doing nothing to better your life and taking a few more steps to seek a Promising Opportunity. Avoid multilevel marketing and sales tactics since they will not advance your career.

Consider the lending sector as a possible legitimate source of income and real career transition chance if you feel like you are willing to give it a go.

It worked for me, so if you have the willpower and self-control to achieve your own objectives, this is a fantastic alternative.

Conclusion: It's never too late! You only need to go for the possibilities in order for your life to grow better.

I'm wishing you prosperity and blessings!

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