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Mental Health Life Hack: 10 Top Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Your Worst Days

by Sara Thomas 30 days ago in happiness
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A mental health life guide for how to deal with your worst days!

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A mental health guide for how to deal with your worst days! Unsolicited advice from a seasoned mentally ill person. And If I do say so myself, even with my mental illnesses, I have learned how to THRIVE.

How do I do this? By understanding that bad days are part of the process of life, and you can’t have the good days without some of the bad.

My Grandma Angie used to always say, “enjoy the highs, they will get you through the lows,” and I have really taken this saying to heart.

As the expression goes, the best way to get through hell is to keep going. So here are 15 tips and tricks to help you with the going!

Remember, good times always come after the bad. You are worthy of happiness. And I really do believe you can do this!

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So, let’s take a look at these 15 tips and tricks to dealing with your worst days:

1. Wear a comfy black outfit you feel confident in as your armor to face the outside world.

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Black is a very protective color, and the clothes we wear are like the armor we wear into the outside world (or sometimes just to the couch and back).

Either way, on days when you are feeling more vulnerable, wearing all black is a great way to feel like a warrior ready to face the day, protected by your black ‘armor’.

2. Drink extra water.

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I am all about this one: DRINK SOME WATER. Water is so good for you, and we as humans are about 75% water. We need water to survive, and whenever I am in a bad mood or feeling low energy, my first move is always to get a glass of water.

Hydrated me is able to accomplish a lot more than dehydrated me. So drink some water! You deserve a nice refreshing beverage.

3. Look at cute animal pictures.

Photo of a cute kitten in a field by Andriyko Podilnyk via

Honestly, it was really hard to pick just one cute animal picture to put here. If you have a moment, I HIGHLY suggest looking up cute animal photos.

Seeing something you find cute releases dopamine, and dopamine helps make you happier!

4. Write down an inspirational and/or motivational phrase to keep near and remind you that you CAN do this.

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Write down motivational quotes or phrases you love, and leave them around your place and living space. Write them on a post-it note, a spare piece of paper, or really anything you can write on. The important thing is that the positive reminders and motivational quotes are in places where you will see them frequently.

Try placing them on your door frames at eye level, on mirrors, or by your bed so you see them when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

5. Congratulate yourself for acknowledging your feelings and mental health!

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Even though you may feel like you are falling apart, I promise you that as long as you are even somewhat trying, you are doing great. You are worthy of self-love, and it is a good and healthy thing to speak about mental health.

If you need an extra or more frequent reminder, try investing in some home decor that helps you appreciate yourself more!

Interested in the above graphic? Check out the amazing artist @soleoado Leȯ’s site for this sticker and more inspirational art. We just bought three new pieces for our space, and absolutely love them!

6. Take a multivitamin.

Photo of wholier multivitamins via Amazon

Multivitamins really are so good for you! The above multivitamin is one of my personal favorites, but you can always find one that works best for you and your daily lifestyle!

A healthy body can help lead to a healthier mind.

7. Watch a comfort tv show or movie that is reliably lovable and enjoyable.

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If something makes you reliably happy, you do not need to apologize or feel weird for it! I am always rewatching my favorite tv shows and movies, and even play them in the background sometimes when I work.

Having a tv show or movie I am familiar with on is comforting to me because I know what is going to happen. I know that I enjoy the show or movie, and I am even able to time myself based on where I am in the movie.

Some of my favorite go-to shows and movies are Inside Job (show), Bob’s Burgers (show), Masterminds (movie) and Legally Blonde (movie).

8. Take a nap (or a mini-sleep depending on the duration).

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Naps are so important! Try not to nap too late in the day, say past 5:00 pm, because it can then potentially mess with your ability to fall asleep later.

But if it is earlier in the day, you find yourself being tired, and you are able to, then take a nap! Even if you can’t fall asleep, sometimes it is re-energizing to at least lie down and rest your eyes for a while.

9. Practice a grounding technique.

Graphic of different grounding techniques via (blog)

Sit down, and focus on pressing your feet into the ground. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. I like to close my eyes while I do this to really focus on the feeling of my feet on the ground.

If you would like to try out other methods and find one that works best for you, try out the six different grounding methods above!

10. Spray on perfume or cologne to at least smell like you have it all together.

Photo of self-care quote via We The Urban

Smelling good instantly makes me feel better about myself. Sometimes with mental illnesses though, we don’t always have the energy for a full shower.

So if you are looking for a quick refresh and mood booster, spray on some cologne or perfume! It doesn’t need to be anything special, just enough so that you can feel more confident knowing that you at least smell like you have it all together.

11. Eat a comfort lazy meal or order in.

Photo of waffles with butter and maple syrup via , “Easy Homemade Waffles Mix Recipe”

You deserve a treat for making it through a bad day! So treat yourself!

Order in or make an easy comfort meal at home. One of my personal favorite lazy meals is waffles with maple syrup. I can throw some frozen waffles in the toaster, and be all set!

Whatever makes you feel best, that’s the meal you should have.

12. If able, take a warm shower and imagine your stress washing down the drain, and you feeling renewed and stronger.

Photo of shower meditation via

Try the above shower meditation in the bath or shower to relieve some of your stress. Play around with the water temperatures, and find out which ones work best for you.

Warmer water is great for relaxing, releasing muscle tension, and relieving stress. Colder water is great for grounding exercises, a quick refresh, or to break out of a mental fog.

13. Go for a walk. Or at least open up a window to feel some of that fresh air.

Photo of a beautiful sunset meadow by Atenciophotography via

Fresh air really can do wonders for you. If you are able to take a walk, take one! It does not need to be long, it can even just be around your house or apartment. And if you can’t get yourself to go for a walk, at least open a window to let some of the fresh air in.

Fresh air is a great way to refresh your space, and give your mind some extra room to breathe.

14. Reach out for help.

Photo of mental health positivity via @gmf.designs and

Reaching out for help is a good thing, and nothing to be ashamed of! Mental health issues and illnesses are very common, and we should feel comfortable talking about them.

Your needs are valid, your feelings are valid, and you can ask for help whenever you need it. There’s a whole world of people out here ready to help!

15. Plan something for the end of the week that you can look forward to during the bad days.

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This is a great way to make it through those weeks that feel ESPECIALLY long. By planning something for the end of the week, or having something to look forward to at the end of the week, it can help give us that extra motivation and desire we need to make it through the week.

You’ve got this! Good things are coming.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! I hope you have found these tips and tricks helpful!


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We're all a little messed up, and that's okay. Let's be human together<3

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