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Looking After Number One

You Have To Look After Yourself In Order To Look After Others

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Look After #1

Why I Am Writing This?

I was going to write about all the things I have wrong with me and then decided that would be far too whiney and depressing, and thought it would be better to actually say how I try (not always successfully) to look after myself and my best interests..

About You

I always say to everybody YOU are the most important person in your life, not your children, your partner, or your parents, it is YOU. If you don’t look out for yourself then you cannot be there when others need you, and also you may cause them pain and worry if you do not look after yourself. I always keep this in mind when I try to keep myself in decent condition.

Looking After Yourself

This is what I do now, I haven’t always been like that, and have paid for that in my physical condition now to some extent.

I try to eat reasonably healthily, but not the celery and carrot diet that a nurse once advised me to take up. I gave up drinking though I have the odd Guinness, and think that my eating habits are good if not exemplary. My weight is much better than it was so I don’t think that is going to cause me issues.

Walking Is A Great Benefit

We all need to take exercise but I am not good with regimented regimes like diets and gym, but what I do is a lot of walking. It was 11K steps a day but I have reduced that to 7K steps a day just to give me time to actually do what I want.

The thing is walking actually does me good, and I can always listen to music while I walk so that gives me two good things while doing things that are good for me. I am good at walking in all weathers as my “Vera” hat offers great protection.

At a recent hospital visit, I had to ride a bike, and loads of readings were taken and my consultants have come back and told me I am in great physical shape, which means that I am in good condition to be there for those that I really love and care for.

And I’m Feeling Good

I keep my brain engaged, by chatting with people, reading lots of books and articles, playing word games (I am currently enjoying Wordle, we shall see how long that keeps my attention), playing music, and making noises on musical instruments, writing songs, and of course writing.

This piece has had me going on and off for four hours unbelievably, when I know I can easily knock off a six hundred word article in under an hour.

So In Conclusion.

Make sure you are in as good condition as you can be, whatever your problems are, and I know people have much more to deal with than me. Make your own goals and don’t let others force you into things you can’t deal with.

Do what you can to get you to a good place, then you will feel better about yourself, and in doing that, you will then be in a great position to be there for those that you love and that matter to you.

And that is why you need to look after yourself, you need to look after number one, and that will make your life and the life of those close to you so much better.

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  • Heather Hubler2 years ago

    Good stuff right there! You are absolutely right, thanks for sharing :)

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