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Lonely Hearts

by LEANNE RANKIN 4 years ago in happiness
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Hey you, lonely soul!

There are a lot of people in the world all feeling lonely, feeling they have no one to turn to, no one to seek comfort in, no one to love them, basically just feeling they have no one.

Sometimes you can be in a room full of people but still feel completely alone. It's a feeling like no other. It's like your stomach has some heavy slug like creature moving around inside making you feel sick yet anxious, your heart feels heavy and sore, your head is screaming "Look at me, I am right here!"—and your eyes are desperately seeking an exit for your tears. But you always hold them back.

You can be talking directly to someone and still you dread the moment the conversation ends because your mind will wander right back to loneliness, right back to the darkness in the corner of your mind where you believe no one cares, no one notices. You try to hold on to those conversations for as long as possible, making up pretty little lies just to keep them talking to you. You start relying on others to fill the void of time you have. No matter who they are.

You can become so desperate for interaction and distractions, you fall in with the wrong people. But still you start to love them anyway. You can fall quickly in love too. You meet your type; what your lonely mind and heart is now telling you is your type. You fall into their eyes, their soul, you give them anything because "YES!" you are no longer alone. They are here WITH you.... But they are NOT here FOR you.

You gave them everything. Your mistake. Lonely people are so desperate sometimes to not feel alone, at all costs, they focus on a person and give them all just so they have a little company. That other person, soaks up all you are giving them, they seen that loneliness in you from the beginning, but they took all your energy, your time, effort, your everything until you reverted back to feeling lonely again, even with them beside you. You are lonely again. Only this time you might feel lonelier than ever. Your mind starts playing tricks on you, you now think well I found someone and I have still ended up lonely. This is not the case, you didn't find the right person or persons. This is not a time to give up or feed into your self doubt.

The moral of the story is, before another person can help fix your loneliness, you need to be okay with being alone within yourself. You need to be happy in your own company. It is all in your head. People love you, they really do, but you have to focus in on that little voice in your head that tells you, 'you are alone' , you need to defeat it. You need to build an army inside yourself and force it out. You need to build your armour of internal strength.

Now, my dearest lonely heart, we here at the lonely hearts club will wait with you, be patient with you, we understand; I understand. YOU ARE NOT ALONE anymore. We may all be sitting at other ends of the world behind a different set of four walls, but inevitably we are a collective group of lonely hearts, never forget that. We will sit with each other in the dark until we each find a light, or a least a tunnel out of here.

Look after yourself. Your mind is powerful. Your heart is strong. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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Just a normal Irish girl trying to, and at times failing to, get through a sea of emotions and come out on top. Always looking up

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