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Lifting Others Makes Me High

by Stormie 3 months ago in happiness

What Fulfills My Soul.

Lifting Others Makes Me High
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What fulfills me? Convincing others that they're more powerful than they believe they are. Inspiring people to catch their dreams and that we are not just slaves to the routine, we are here for a greater purpose. Opening one's eyes to things they may not have seen. Showing a different perspective, leading them to the truth. Showing that with a few lifestyle changes, some hard work and the tools to play the mental game, you're capable of any change. The sound of laughter... spending time with friends and family... feeling the and the euphoric feeling you get when humans come together for the benefit of the greater good. Yes, watching those around me that I have met through time catch their dreams, puts one of the biggest smiles on my face. I uplift and elevate you to be you... the best you . If you're afraid I will be there to be your spine and your courage. When you fall, I'll tell you that you have the strength to get back up again and help dust you off. I will not be afraid to tell you to get your shit together, you got this, you're stronger than you think you are, do it again till you get it right. I am the shield, the light and the strength for the wea, the timid, the kind, the used, the mysterious,the lonely, the misfits, the misunderstood, the lost, the ones that lack the confidence, the ones that fear change and the world around them and I am the spiritual truthseeking baseball bat to the bullies. These are some of the things that fulfill me.

I was born an Empath, the rest awoke in me through the experiences in my lifetime of being broken down, bullied, beaten ,belittled discouraged and through it all all I gained the strength to not only make the changes I needed to do to grow and learn, but I gained enough to pass on to others to encourage them to make the changes that they want to do in their lives.

I am older, I am awkward,I am strong, I am weak, I am beautiful and I am a fucking hot mess, I can be happy, I can be sad, I can be angry, but I don't unpack and live there. All of which make me relatable and my energy makes me approachable. I am an energy worker who can read a room with a quickness and if needed, shift the energy back to positive if negativity enters. I have had my share of downs, but turned them into ups and took from them the lessons I needed to grow. I use this empathy/energy work to help others and guide and lift them to their fullest potential. I am honest, sometimes to a fault. If I feel any falseness about anything I will seek the truth to expose the lies...I fight for honesty, for without it there is no trust. So in a 6th sense I am that friend they may have warned you about because assholes don't like me and won't want me near for fear of exposing their truths. My bullshit meter is higher than most people. I have trained in spotting crap my whole life lol...I have become quite the professional at it.

If I was to monetize what I do, I would have memberships that would include a certain amount of emails, video chats, maybe personal phone calls, letters even, if you want me to write a letter. I figure I can do a few different bundles on my site. It's almost like a rent a real friend, ya know that one that tells you the truths you don't really want to hear, but nobody else has the balls to say it...well, let me be that person you need. I will be that unbiased set of ears that will listen and let you get whatever you need off your chest and out of your heart and the healing process can start. I will be that encouragement you need to stop a bad habit or even begin a good one. I'm even down for spiritual tuning, if you think your energy needs a tune up or if you feel one or more of your Chakras may be blocked. I can schedule an appointment for you come to my office or I will grab my tools, table and tuning forks and travel. This practice can also be done as a one time go or have a reoccurring plan. I think it would be great to have my own advice column, with suggestions, ethical, empathy and morality lessons, just to be me, blunt, raw and unfiltered. To just be honest, maybe not necessarily give people what they want to hear, but talk with them about what they need to hear. Stuff that makes people uncomfortable, maybe make them see things from another perspective. Talk about the things that maybe their loved ones or closest friends aren't comfortable with. Maybe just be the unbiased stranger they tell their secrets and their pain to so they can let it go.Being that I have been told so many things standing in line at the grocery store or wandering around the local department store or even at a gas station. I could be sitting at a park and have total strangers tell me their life stories,discuss hopes, dreams, issues, problems and they left me feeling better than they arrived.

I know I have a gift for helping others and I know I was born to uplift, support, heal and awaken those that come in contact with me. Trust me though when I say I won't be afraid to call one on their shit either, cause life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, you have to find your strength, courage and determination to make changes and to keep moving forward with the excuses accepted....accountability is key. I am here to encourage others to chase their own dreams, to believe in themselves, believe that they can change, believe in their power of will, and their abilities to do whatever it takes to be the best version of themselves. It would be reaching my own dreams to help others achieve theirs. That is what fulfills me.



Empath,Energy/Light worker, the blunt friend you were warned about, but probably need.

Love From My Family & Friends Keeps Me Grounded,

My Cannabis Use Keeps Me Sane.

I Am Here To Leave My Mark On This Planet

NOT To Leave A Stain.

How 'bout you?

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