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Life Knowledge

There's knowledge that gets me through life.

People will hate you. Not everyone will like you. You don't have to give in.

Animals are about what they're about and that's it. Not as many people are.

Emotional waves will try to swallow you up. You don't have to give in.

Anyone's initial reaction to you without knowing you is 90/10, 90% them and 10% you.

Most people are too worried about what others think of them or what they're doing to think about you.

Your feelings aren't wrong. Your reactions can be.

Sexual orientation isn't wrong. Harassment is.

Believe what you want so long as it doesn't lead you to harm anyone.

No amount of love you bear anyone is worth your self-respect.

Stick to your values. You won't respect yourself otherwise.

Be at peace with your truth. You don't need to let in anyone who isn't.

Before you judge someone's difference, assess its harmfulness. Also remind yourself you want to be accepted for your own differences.

Christians, please remember that only God sits in judgment of who does to Heaven or Hell, not you.

Don't let life's bad events define you. Let your strength through them build you up.

Constructive criticism isn't criticizing the person him/herself; it's criticizing what they're doing and showing them how to improve.

Just because you accept someone with all their flaws doesn't mean you can't show them how to improve, but they do have to cooperate.

Self-acceptance is the best key to happiness.

People who love animals tend to be more loving than those who don't.

There's family and then there's relatives.

Addictions are an emotional crutch. It's best to do without them.

Independence does not mean not seeking advice. It just means not seeking active help.

Relying on someone else for your self-esteem makes it false.

Bashing yourself never moved you forward; learning from it did.

Put up so you don't have to shut up.

Life will test you. It's how you respond that matters.

You only admit defeat when you give up.

Never give up on yourself because then you're just existing not living.

Being single does not mean you're a loser.

Don't buy into labels people give you.

Own everything about you.

A disability doesn't mean you were born wrong.

Courage isn't the absence of fear but the absence of giving in to that fear.

The cruelty of others often stems from envy. They feel the need to belittle you just to feel better than you.

The worst thing you can do with doing something wrong is not learn from it.

If you were the victim of something, you have two people to forgive: the one that did it and yourself for being a victim.

If you've been victimized, you have two choices: wallow in being the victim or live your life anyway.

If you have an addiction you're not willing to give up even for a child, don't have one.

Get past your crap and have a sense of humor about yourself.

Make your actions ones you're proud of.

You don't have to keep everyone out or let everyone in; just have a filter.

You don't have to be a doormat or a bully.

Have a good bullshit meter.

Once you remove your head from your sphincter, keep it there.

Needing someone is not the same as loving them.

If you won't take it, don't dish it out.

De-stressing is important.

Never accept a hurtz donut.

Never accept ABC gum.

The only way you should be full of shit is by being constipated.

The only way you should talk out of your ass is by farting.

Alexandra F
Alexandra F
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