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Life Is Good

Be Happy!

By Karina NistalPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - March 2018
Be happy through the process!

Life is not always good but when it is, I want you to know it. I'm finally admitting it. I'm admitting that life is good and I'm not just saying it because it feels like that's what I should say...I REALLY MEAN IT. Life is good right now. I've let so much time go by worrying about what was missing or what I wanted more out of life. I've stressed over my direction and how the rest of my peers seemed more settled than I did in so many aspects of their lives. Comparison is the thief of joy. There are so many aspects of my own life I was overlooking that were keeping me from enjoying it, mainly myself.

I have always been the type to be thankful for my circumstances. My mama brought me up this way. She would tell me, "Dale gracias a Dios..." which means, "Give God thanks" or she would say, "Podria ser peor," which means "It could be worse." I've grown up with those statements embedded in my mind until they became second nature reminders. I've always believed that I was blessed because there were people out there that had less than me and were still happy.

I grew up a minority in a upper middle class neighborhood that was predominantly white. I knew at an early age I had very fortunate existence. I never fully felt like I fit in but I accepted my reality and I was proud of who I was. As a child I was taught morals, manners, and to overlook class in people. I was taught to give everyone the same respect even when it wasn't returned. This was the benefit to being a minority. I always had plenty of humbling experiences in my environment.

The way others treat you can define your outlook of yourself. Although I was proud of who I was, it took me many years to measure my own self-confidence. It takes a lot of courage to be who you are and not allow other's perceptions to blemish your own self-image. We aren't always taught to overcome these ideals and just be happy with all we have.

There's been plenty of times in life where I've looked back and thought, "Those were the good times!" I was so overwhelmed with the challenges at the time, I focused more on what I didn't have rather than what I HAD. None of that matters now. None of that even mattered a week or a few months, certainly years later. I spent so much time not realizing how valuable that moment was I didn't allow myself to fully enjoy it. It took me a long time to realize that every moment is truly a great moment and the miracle itself is in being alive.

We wait too long to admit this to ourselves. We wait until we are injured to appreciate our health. We wait until someone is gone to appreciate their presence. We wait until we meet the right person to appreciate their company. We wait until we graduate college, go on vacation, get married, or buy our first home. We wait until our first child is born or until we get out of debt. There are so many phases we've waited through and the achievement was so short-lived. But the truth is LIFE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Life doesn't wait so why should we wait to live it? Why should we wait to find reasons to be happy?

We create so many opportunities in life to get ahead but happiness will always be an inside job. Being happy with who we are and what our circumstances are should be part of our moral fabric. It's challenging but it's a must. Life is short-lived and it's easy to pass the time instead of appreciating it.

This is one reason I admire babies and seniors. They have no concept of time and they are enjoying life as they see fit. Seniors are definitely enjoying what's left of their time the best way they can. Somewhere in between those two phases we see the concept of finding constant satisfaction within our life. There are good times and bad times, ultimately it is all for our greater good. There are times when we find we have to be kinder to ourselves and to others. Whatever it's going to take to realize you have a good life this moment. There will be spectators who may judge or envy, but their opinion of you is none of your business. Continue to live your life at the standard that makes you happy!

Life is too short not to enjoy it. Time flies like an arrow. We can dwell on experiences that were intended to serve their purpose or we can take the time we have and build incredible experiences to look back on in the future. As for me, I choose today to remind myself that I have everything I need in this perfect moment and life is good.


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