Life As Water

by Tamara Karras about a year ago in advice

Are you stagnant?

Life As Water

Are you stagnant?

This may seem a bit off topic but water is essential to all beings, we cannot survive without it.

Without water our bodies cannot function properly. They become sick and break down, mentally and physically, water = life.

Water comes is many liquid forms in nature. All are fluid.

Rain can be gentle or fierce. Soft or destructive, but it nurtures the Earth and everything on it.

Streams can be softly, babbling brooks, flowing gently into beautiful lakes.

They can also be strong rapid rivers, that over time wear away at the stone obstacles in their path, making their way to the ocean.

The strong powerful ocean current thrusts great waves against the shore, while the lake appears calm until the winds make it dance, but they both move in their own way.

You may find the sharp drops of waterfalls along either, eventually both will even out and are full of the beautiful mysteries of life.

Stagnant water will not nurture us, it will make us sick, it breeds things that can make us sick. It can kill us....

So can a stagnant life. If you don't grow and change. If you don't use your mind and body it will slowly begin to break down and die.

This is why we see some people who are so healthy well into their senior years.

They are not stagnant. Their lives are fluid, they continue to move, change and grow.

What are your unrealized dreams?

Not the things that you would do if you won the lottery but the things you want to do, that you've just never had the time to do... The time you spend being stagnant.

Are you actually satisfied with your life right now?

Do you feel fulfillment?

If not, do something about it.

Take some time to figure out what would bring joy into your life.

Be realistic, what is one small thing, you could change today, that would help you to feel better mentally and physically?

Do that!

Nobody needs to notice, you don't have to drop 50 pounds and look 20 years younger, you need to feel happier and healthier

A healthier, happier life will not come to you overnight, but one small step at a time, you just need to stay fluid like water.


Tamara Karras
Tamara Karras
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