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Liberation from Limiting Beliefs

by Chloe Corcoran 2 months ago in self help
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Overcoming and unlearning your social conditioning.

Everything starts in your mind. Everything starts with your mental health.

You have been taught everything you know and believe to be true.

Whether by your teachers, parents, family, friends, higher education, books, podcasts, social media, television, music, the media, or any other social influence you have been exposed to throughout your entire life.

Each of these influences has either created a belief within you, validated a pre-existing conditioned belief or perhaps even challenged a pre-existing conditioned belief.

Regardless, they have influenced you and shifted your perspective in some way, it was likely completely subconscious.

You didn’t consciously decide that you would surround your beliefs of beauty based upon the thin, pale, women on the front cover of the magazines you bought in the early 2000's.

You didn’t consciously decide that you would believe that a “good girl” should be complicit, small, nurturing and my favourite of all, seen but not heard. It was the conversations and media you were exposed to as a child that made you believe it wasn’t safe for women to rise up and just BE the loud, independent, strong LEADER (read: notice how I didn’t say bossy?) that they were born to be.

Perhaps you saw your mother commit the ultimate act of 'womanhood' and completely give up her own identity to care for you as her child.

We are taught these things. We did not come into this world believing that it’s un-ladylike to have controversial, feminist opinions. We did not come into this world believing that expressing emotions make us weak.

You were not born with the belief that you should donate 38+ hours of your 168 weekly hours to a corporation. You were taught this is just how the world is. "That’s life" they say!

When I was 17 and already felt like a slave to my clock and calendar, I had never known freedom before this, but I knew deep inside that something was wrong here. I waited every day in agony for 5:00pm and then for Friday afternoon, and then for my 4 weeks of annual leave. I craved liberation, I craved freedom, I craved a life where I was the creator and my decisions weren’t already made for me. That is exactly the gift the law of attraction gave to me.

It gave me peace, freedom, security, a deep, unwavering knowing and faith in the Universe that is designed to send me exactly what I desire.

What’s my biggest dream?

That you feel the same way in your own life. That you obliterate the handcuffs that you have been placed in, that you wake up from auto-pilot and take the fucking wheel.

That you look around your life everyday feeling complete happiness and appreciation for your incredible blessing of a life.

That you find the courage and strength to let go of the things you haven’t yet accepted don’t align with your truth. Your real truth.

My biggest dream is that you look in the mirror and KNOW WHO YOU ARE. My biggest dream is that you know what you want. My biggest dream is that you chase your dream until you look around and realise you’re already living it.

My biggest dream is to have the privilege of watching you make that happen. To watch and guide you as you step into a whole new life, a new perspective, a new identity, a whole new world for yourself with unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

To watch you transform from uncertain, unfulfilled, scared and lost to liberated, free, peaceful, happy, clear on your goals and confident to take make those goals your reality.

My biggest dream is that you unapologetically become your truest self, the most authentic, vulnerable, raw and real version of who you are inside.

Because you deserve to be nothing less than exactly that in every day that you wake up in your beautiful body, created just for you to temporarily experience this Earth as the magnificent, complex human being you are.

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About the author

Chloe Corcoran

Writing is freedom.

Throughout my pieces, you will meet a version of me that you likely haven't before.

a Soul. Author. Podcaster. Manifestation Coach. Social Media Personality. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Ex-Lover. I am everything all at once.

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