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Levels of Learning: Don't Quit! You Can Do It!

Over the years I've continually experienced frustration and boredom. Here are the levels that I achieved when I decided not to quit.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

It's not too often that you will find something that you stick with for a very long time. You have to like what you're doing to stick with anything and really love something if it's for years. I've heard there are two reasons why people quit things, they either get bored of the task, because it's easy and/or too difficult. We quit things if things are too easy because it doesn't challenge our minds and we quit if it's too difficult because it's too frustrating to continue. I'm here to tell you to stick with whatever you're doing because it'll get better. In fact it can become really fun but you have to keep doing it for a long time. Here are the different levels of learning that I've experienced. They're just observations that me, my colleagues and friends have experienced.

The first level is the infant stage. This is where you're just learning the basics and trying to get a foundation for the thing that you're learning. It's also the time when you're trying to figure out if you actually like what you're doing or not. So much depends on this stage because it's sort of like your first impression. This level can quickly go to the second level depending on what you're doing.

The second level is the frustration stage. There's always a stage during the learning process where you get frustrated. I think this is when a lot of people will decide to quit. If the frustration level is too high people will not want to continue with the task. If you get by the second level you still might quit once you get to the third level.

This is the boredom level. You've gotten over the basics and experienced frustration and now you're wondering what's next. Things seem mundane and you don't know where to go from here. Some consider this a plateau in learning but it isn't. There's so much to learn but they don't realize this because everything seems to be run of the mill and routine. Things are getting boring. Don't fret, if you're stuck at this level keep going and you might get to level four.

Some people get stuck in frustration for a long time. You really have to push yourself to get to level four. The fourth level is about new discovery. This is when you're starting to learn about whatever you're learning from different perspectives and have a different outlook about it. It's somewhat of an eye-opener and gives you a newfound interest for whatever you're learning. To get to this level you will have to think outside the box but if you do the same task over and over again this'll be natural because we're human we will always think outside the box eventually.

Then everything becomes familiar again, the cycle begins all over again but this time at level five. Level five is when you can do whatever you're learning about naturally. You don't have to think about certain tasks you can just do it and it feels natural. This is a beautiful level because you don't have to worry about not getting fundamentals correct anymore as they should feel like second nature to you. It's a very fun stage and if you think back to when you started you feel a sense of accomplishment. This is the level that I usually get up to. It's hard to get up to the next level after this for me.

The sixth level I'd imagine is incredibly difficult because you have to challenge yourself to get frustrated again and learn new things. You have to figure out ways to challenge yourself but by this level there's few that have stuck around to keep up with you. You have to figure out your own path and what you're going to do next. If you do have colleagues and friends at this level you should stick with them and work together to get to your next level.

I think after the sixth level the levels continue in a cycle of frustration boredom. The ebb and flow fluctuates and the people that stick with this learning journey will continually diminish making it increasingly difficult to elevate. Those that are very strong, strong willed and self-reliant often excel in elevating themselves past these levels. Family and friends are still always good support but they won't be able to directly figure out how to get over your own hurdles. This is where you become the artist of whatever you're doing and create. You will become a pioneer or something. So keep doing what you're doing because it'll be worth it, regardless of how many years it takes to get there.

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