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"Legacy of Henry Kissinger: A Diplomatic Titan's Last Days"

If a person lives properly, even one life is enough. A person can do work equal to a hundred lives in one life.

By Naveed Published 3 months ago โ€ข 3 min read
Henry Kissinger

On the evening of November 28, he continued his labor, crafting a diplomatic piece on Gaza, asserting the perceived warming relations between Israel and Arab countries after 75 years of attempts. The anticipated opening of Saudi Arabia to Israel by 2025 added complexity. However, Hamas, disapproving of these newfound friendships, responded with rocket attacks on Israel. Unfortunately, Israel's hasty and unwise reaction played into Hamas's hands, uniting the Islamic world against Israel. The risk of a catastrophic third-world war looms if the Israel-Palestine conflict remains unchecked.

Following this diplomatic endeavor, he delved into a draft of a book on Israeli diplomacy by a professor friend, underlining key sections for approval. Subsequently, he recorded a message for a Muslim friend in Indonesia and defied medical advice by savoring Chinese green tea against prescribed restrictions. Living by doctors' recommendations, which included limiting liquid intake, he maintained a disciplined life, adhering to such restrictions for two decades.

This pillar of discipline and wisdom, always working diligently, chose a different path on the night of November 28. He rose, relishing hot water while observing the swaying chestnut trees outside his window. Engaging in a brief conversation with his wife, Nancy, about the upcoming Christmas and potential visits from grandchildren, he ended the night with a lighthearted remark about her predictions of the future.

The next day, November 29, 2023, began with a routine tea trolley visit to Nancy's room. However, the silent response prompted further investigation, revealing the lifeless body of Henry Kissinger on the bed. "The spirit had left him in the silent bridge of the night," confirming his demise at the age of 100.

In the realm of diplomacy, thousands hold the title, but only a select few attain international status, and Henry Kissinger stood alone at its pinnacle. His influence spanned crucial global events, from the end of the Vietnam War to the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and his insights shaped diplomatic strategies for decades.

Even in his final years, Kissinger continued to share wisdom on contemporary issues. He critiqued Germany's decision to open its borders to Syrian refugees and predicted the challenges it might pose in the future. Similarly, he commented on the repercussions of Hamas's attack on Israel, foreseeing the consequences for both Israel and Arab countries. His observations extended to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China, a pivotal moment influenced by his strategic advice.

Kissinger's journey began in Bavaria, Germany, in 1923, marked by adversity and displacement during his early years. Fleeing the Nazis, he sought refuge in London before settling in the United States in 1943. Overcoming initial struggles, Kissinger pursued education, served in the military during World War II, and eventually ascended to the position of Secretary of State.

His impact stretched beyond diplomatic circles; he served on multinational company boards, assumed university vice chancellor roles, authored books, and delivered lectures globally. Kissinger, turning 100 in May of that year, maintained a relentless work ethic until the night before his passing.

Living in the small town of Kent on the border of New York, Kissinger left an indelible mark on the community, and the world recognized the town due to his presence. Despite his departure on November 29, 2023, his legacy endures, exemplifying the idea that a life well-lived is equivalent to a hundred lives' worth of contributions. The message he leaves behind is clear: life is meant for meaningful work, and true rest is found in the grave.

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  • Denise E Lindquist21 days ago

    Good read! Have a good day Naveed!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–

  • B.R. Shenoy25 days ago

    Excellent writing!

  • Catherine Nyomenda2 months ago

    I enjoyed this and my favorite line, 'A life well-lived is equivalent to a hundred lives' worth of contributions'.

  • Tehillah Alozie3 months ago

    A wonderful and very expressive piece

  • Paulina Pachel3 months ago

    I love the way your thoughts and your words flow so beautifully in this piece. It's the first time I came across a piece like that written in such artistic prose. Great job :)

  • Elaine Sihera3 months ago

    Yes, he certainly was a giant, Naveed, and you managed to convey his greatness in a simple, moving way. A fine narrative that does justice to this amazing figure, demonstrating your unique storytelling skills. Well written!

  • TravelMyPassion3 months ago

    Very Impressive

  • Zain Siddiqui3 months ago

    Amazing ๐ŸŒŸ

  • Michelle Liew3 months ago

    A diplomat who truly made a lot of difference. Well-said.

  • Grace Kamugisha3 months ago

    It's the real truth when people say there is no rest in this world. That is if you r truly doing what you are supposed to. It's a very touching story, well done

  • Sid Aaron Hirji3 months ago

    Ya heard of his passing. People I feel didn't know much about him.

  • Daniel Stevens3 months ago

    I like it man

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