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Learn the Writer in You

by Ashley Fields 3 days ago in self help

How knowing yourself helps you become a better writer

Learn the Writer in You
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Okay check this out, I discovered something interesting about myself today! I realized that I don’t understand much of myself at all. What I like or what I love to do, So? I guess you could say, I discovered that I need to discover? Okay, I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. That’s just too funny!

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and share this with you guys. It’s pretty crazy how we can forget about ourselves, isn’t it? We get so engulfed in the mundane things of everyday life that we forget that we deserve a little attention too.

Today is a new day

My life has thrown me into some pretty shitty circumstances. I guess these past couple of years were the worst so far for me, but you know? I have been feeling a lot better. Empowered actually, and today I guess I somewhere managed to finally convince myself to remember to wake up on the right side of the bed — Not the wrong side for once.

I have been stuck in my head and it started to affect me without even realizing it. I love to write; it helps me stay out of my head, but then? I started to get so stuck I was left with nothing to write about, which made the head problem I’m talking about? Even worse! But today? Well, I am writing this, aren’t I? I mean, I was still writing but, you know how you can tell when you’re not writing like yourself?

It is kind of a funny thing to think about actually — if you’re not feeling like yourself, then why would you think you could write like yourself? But hey, there is no telling me no, so I just kept writing for the sake of my sanity. Then today? Well, today my friends! The clouds parted and I saw the blinding light! (I have been sitting in this dark garage too much and my eyes need to adjust, that shit is bright!)

I woke up, everyone in the house had things to do today so, they took off for the day. That means I had the whole house to myself, and I didn’t waste one minute. I shouted at Alex, “Yo! Alex! Play me some music!”, and for what feels like ages? I started to sing at the top of my lungs, and dance like it was 1999! I sat down still bobbing my head to the music when it dawned on me, “How do you become more creative?”

How discovering yourself helps the writer in you

So, I looked it up. And I don’t know why things so simple are so hard for me to get when it’s as simple as — Hungry? Then eat, or you will die — But today instead of thinking too hard? I just got up and just did. Do you know what’s funny? Not before, but after I was enjoying myself, did I then look up this topic and come to find out? The very act that led me to look this up was the answer. We need to nurture our bodies and stay positive and do the things we love to do.

I was reading down a list of 51 different things to answer about myself and it made me kind of sad because I started to realize? I have lost the joy of who and what I am. Somewhere along the way, I started to ignore myself, which left a lot of those 51 questions blank. I then realized it’s been so long that I couldn’t even remember that way of perspective. I forgot to love myself, like, really forgot.

Now? I’m so happy, why? Because I discovered me again, and now? I know that I have the chance to catch up with her after so long. I get to take her out on dates to get to know her. I even have a self-made list of things to learn about who she is. (Get it? Love yourself, spoil her with dates and some time for just the two of you, a little one on one.)

And hey? Not only is it good for me? But, it’s good for my writing too! I mean? When you’re putting yourself down on paper, wouldn’t you want to understand yourself better before you do?

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