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Laws of Attraction: The Secret to Mental Abundance

by Rasheeda Loves 4 years ago in self help
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Do you believe you have the ability to attract the life you want? Did you know it all starts in the mind? Your mind?

"If you can see it in your mind, it is already in your hands" — Bob Proctor

The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws of the universe. What you think about, what you spend your energy on, is what you will attract into your life. It is really that simple. You think negative, you get negative. Consistently worrying and dwelling on your problems will effectively only attract more negativity. Why? Because that is where and what you have focused your attention and spent your your energy on.

"The law of attraction states whatever you focus on, think about, read about and talk intensely about, you are going attract more of into your life." - Jack Canfield.

The moment you shift how you think about yourself, people around you and your circumstances, they will begin to change. Your thoughts somehow shape your reality; your experience. In short, your thoughts have power. Not many realise how powerful their thoughts and beliefs are. Negative thoughts influence the world around us and bring about negative circumstances while positive thoughts bring about positive circumstances. Before you can have what you want, you have to believe you have it. "It is yours." You have to be willing to allow yourself to have it. The trick is, you cannot be lukewarm about it. You cannot think both "I want this but I don't know if I will/can get this," or "It is mine, but let me not get my hopes up." Luke-warm thinking only births the underlying belief that you thought you could not have it.

The way to attract your abundance is to shift your thinking, change, and have control over your thoughts. Your new thinking should be more like, "I can have it," "I do have it," and "how can I have it?" Say this to yourself as often times as you want. Believe it with your mind and soul. Kill the lukewarm thoughts that may try to creep up and patiently wait to receive your abundance. Your thoughts are extremely powerful; they manifest into your reality. Think you deserve it, negative or positive, you will receive it.

"Dignity consists not in possessing honours, but in the consciousness that we deserve them." - Aristotle

Learning how to consciously use the Law of Attraction to magnify your life is a process that takes time. It takes change and a renewal of the mind. It takes time to master the Law of Attraction in its fullness. There are so many laws that work hand in hand with the Law of Attraction, e.g. the Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration emphasises on the facts of vibrations of similar frequency are drawn together. Likes attract likes. You have power, you are power, and the mind, O the mind, is beyond phenomenal and has the power to attract into your life your greatest desires.

If you want to bring about something in your life, regardless of what it is, begin vibrating at a level that is in agreement with your desired reality. In addition, quantum physics teaches you that nothing is fixed, that there are no limitations, that everything is vibrating energy. By you understanding that everything is energy, as well as applying the Law of Attraction to bring into your life whatever you focus on, it is never necessary to feel stuck with an undesirable life.

"What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life." – Catherine Ponder

The problem with many people is that many try to control their reality without firstly changing their thoughts/beliefs, adjusting to the vibrations of their desires. Imagine what you desire, believe it, smell it, see yourself already where you want to be and let nothing deter you from the picture you have painted. Affirm and manifest your desires and wait to receive it. The change you desire to seek must first happen inside of you in your mind. Ultimately, no amount of action alone will produce the results that you want. However, once you are secure in your ability to condition your mind to your desires and the frequencies of vibrations, your physical reality changes and follows suit. You begin to attract all that you are.

Most of your reality is an unconscious process developed through habitual thinking, not only from this lifetime, but from past lives too. Your current ego is a combination of this all. Every thought is the movement of energy, which arises from the mind. Every thought contributes to your reality. Change your thoughts, you change your reality.

"Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true." – Napoleon Hill
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