Just Deal With It

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But why should we

Just Deal With It

Anytime life gets hard and we feel like giving up there's always someone there to tell us to just deal with it. But why, why the heck should we suffer? Why do people feel the need to tell us to suck it up and just deal with it? Is this really how life is supposed to be? We're just supposed to go through life uncomfortable and just accepting peoples terrible behaviors because we have to pay bills or because we want to hangout with family and friends?

I'm so over people telling me I need to get over it and just accept it and deal with it. Suck it up and keep going. I'm sorry but NO, no I am not going to just accept it. If someone does something wrong to you, you shouldn't have to keep dealing with that person. You shouldn't have to be uncomfortable in your own skin just to "save face" so to speak.

I've quit a lot of jobs in my life and it's always because someone or something made me uncomfortable. My parents or my friends are always the first ones to tell me don't quit just deal with it, it'll get better. But that's not ok, why is this always the first thing people think is ok to say? I think if you're uncomfortable you shouldn't be working there. We spend so much of our lives at our jobs that the last thing we need to worry about is being uncomfortable.

I'm sorry but if others are doing things to you to make you feel out of place then they should be held accountable and the situation should be resolved ASAP. For friends and family to say just deal with it is one thing but for your supervisor and other higher ups to tell you the same thing is just completely unacceptable. I don't understand where this mentality came from to where we are just so accepting to others treating us poorly.

I've had people tell me when I don't like someone to just try and avoid them but when you work with these people it's kinda difficult to do. When I don't like someone in my family I just don't attend family functions. If I don't like my friends new boyfriend or girlfriend I just don't go around my friend when their significant other is around. If I don't like someone I work with I kinda really can't avoid them so the best thing to do is report it to HR so the issues can get resolved and we can come to a resolution that works for everyone. But I've realized that's not how things work in the corporate world.

The problem is we just accept what our bosses tell us because we're so worried about losing our jobs so we just shut the fuck up and don't push it further. And this is why these companies think they can drag shit out and make the situations go away on their own because you don't want to be fired. We are so terrified of not being able to live a nice life if we report major issues at work. This is how these companies get away with treating their employees like shit because they know you wont do anything about it because you're fearful of losing your job. So you just suck it up and just deal with it.

But I'm over this statement. No I will no longer just shut the fuck up and deal with it. I am pursuing the fuck out of these companies. I am calling them all out. I am going to blast every single one of them for sweeping shit under the rug. I lost my job because I chose not to just deal with it. But I am dealing with it, I'm taking it to the law. Let's see how these companies just deal with it!

I'm going to stick it to the man since I've had to live my life in constant fear of not being able to pay my bills if I speak up and tell the truth about what's going on in the work force. So here's to me just dealing with it. Fuck you corporate world, no longer will we sit back and just deal with it!

LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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