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by Heat Baup 9 months ago in happiness
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Photo by Richard Hoeg on Unsplash

Judgment. this is often something (unfortunately) familiar to me, especially last year.

That new job change you’re excited about? there's going to be somebody say, "You can't make money by doing that!" or "Why would you want to try THAT?"

Have you decided to make a big change and start learning something that you are interested in? I've heard it all before: "You can't fulfill that industry," "You don't have a proper search for that job," "You won't enjoy doing that."

Maybe that's the new person you started dating. Maybe in the end you are happy and have a good relationship. you will have someone you love who says, "Oh, but I loved Dave! Why don't you date him ?!" or all your friends think you “look better” next to Teresa. Why did they get a name in your relationship? Your relationship! most people seem to think they need a right, however.

Maybe you would like to travel, or go to a replacement city or country (or country). Maybe pick up something you like. Maybe you do not know what you would like to do with your life and you are in a period of feeling lost and confused. no matter what the case, there will be people who will judge you about it, for no reason, and without a participatory call from you. for a few reasons, they need to set these expectations and dreams for you and if you choose to go against their plan for you, it seems annoying.

It's annoying. I grew up trying to please people and make others happy. I wanted them to be happy with me, even though that meant not being proud. I had never done anything so it would have made me happy. All of that eventually leads to frustration because I have never stood up or even would like to get out of my life. So, I change my job, and my big job, and that I love the person I would like to live and live where I would like. At first, that is hard to grasp. In fact, I kept most of it secret for a while. I dreaded the thought of 'humiliating myself,' but I knew that if I continued to judge others, I might be embarrassed. when you have a lot of people who make you wish you weren't living your life the right way, it's easy to guess. After all, some people may have very good intentions in their “words of wisdom,” or, as I like to call them, their unwanted comments. Maybe you have family and friends who just don't want to get hurt or suffer. But before the day is over, you need to feel good about yourself. If that means you are trying other things and no doubt, your littleness is visible because you wanted to try those things. So have fun. it makes you smile when you look inside the mirror. Be a person who is interested in him. People may not know it, but that's fine. I know that many think, you have heard all this by staying true to yourself. But sometimes you have to listen to it (100 times) until it finally clicks.

For me, it finally clicked a few months ago that it was okay for me to try to find something for myself and be proud. when I finally decided to share what I had been doing with family and friends, I felt relieved because I felt that I was always sticking to myself. I finally fell asleep again and at the moment of satisfaction who I am, what I do, and who I am.


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