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Is Astrology Real? (non-astrologer perspective, 4th house unique analysis)

by yourgoalsyourgain 2 months ago in healing
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Understanding where you mean that you need to go way back...

We can all remember when reading your daily horoscopes in the newspaper was a thing. We were all dealt with general pleasantries, which could be considered either way. Presently, we live in a "fake news" environment. If it shouts proudly, it must be true. Well packaged and charming helps the nonsense to pass as palatable. For some of us who weren't born yesterday ( figure of speech meaning), we want the truth in its purest form.

How can we support a hypothesis? Data collection and experiments possibly uphold what we "think" to be accurate and/or relevant results. The problem was that the 'scopes were presented with no references, and there were no mentions of moon cycles nor any quantitative data we could analyze. Many of these statements seemed to be pulled from the imagination with no anchor, and I suspect laziness for some of the culprits.

The current times appear to be propagating some more illusions, as well. It comes in the form of too much information and trends. Sadly, many people cannot think or live their life for themselves. We're playing the merry-go-around games: What else should we hop on? Who should we follow? People are bashing others based on their astrological signs, blaming zodiac signs for relationship failures.

Curiously, you might be lost in the mayhem and confusion about every kind of astrological notion thrown at you. Don't fret! There's just one solution…you need to gather the data yourself. If you're the type who likes everything to be served on a silver platter as if it's take-out galore, think again. Verifying the accuracy of ideologies will give you at least a leg to stand on. You're on your way to becoming a reporter.

Let's welcome Cancer to center stage. Cancer officially rules the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere (June 21 — July 22) and winter in the southern hemisphere. It is part and compared with the natural water elemental group that also includes Pisces and Scorpio. Overall, this group is associated with emotions, feelings, and intuition. You can picture spending time with your family at a summer home, enjoying your favorite comfort food, reading by the fireplace, having hot cocoa and marshmallow with your friends at a sleepover, etc. That's how you can get a true feeling for Cancer energy.

Cancer's most common themes and archetypes are the home, motherhood, and the past. Recalling situations, individuals, and circumstances from your upbringing/past can make you see your whole life from a different perspective. Furthermore, Cancer is ruled by the 4th house in the astrological chart, and its ruler is the moon. At night ( and sometimes during daylight), we can observe the different phases of the moon. Since it does not produce light, the other sides of the moon are illuminated by the sun.

We can compare the different phases of the moon to our ever-changing mood (I'm pretty sure the word "mood" was inspired by the moon). The cool thing about the moon cycle is that you can observe astrological phenomenon(s) within 30 days. In astronomy, only the physical changes are observed within that period ( new to full moon). In astrology, we recognize that the moon travels throughout the whole zodiac sign, and specific "symptoms" have been attributed to each one. The moon switches signs about every 2–2 1/2 days.

What's the moon's effect on the Earth? The moon's gravity effect on the Earth causes predictable rising sea levels called tides. Also, tides occur in lakes, the atmosphere, and the Earth's crust. More precisely, high tides are when water bulges upward, and low tides are when water drops down. Comparably, the Earth and the human body consist primarily of water, 71%, and up to 60%, respectively. Therefore, I believe that there's a chance that we can be feeling the moon's effect even if it's on a smaller scale.

If the moon's effect can be predicted, the 4th house in astrology can be regarded as a record of past issues. Let's compare the high tides and low tides as situations where we felt amazed and the times when we felt desperate. Furthermore, it can be applied to anger vs. grief, elation vs. depression, happy events vs. unfortunate conditions, etc. We can follow up on the actions that were taken; we can analyze our intentions. If we were in a reactive state, what were the triggers? Were you being driven by your heart, or did lust guide you? Were you pushed by your logic or your hunch? Were you motivated by your dreams or duty? Were you encouraged by security or a sense of freedom?

On one side, Cancer can be seen as passive energy. It may seem like nothing is controlling the water's currents. Still, in reality, wind, density in water masses caused by temperature and salinity, gravity, and other events are part of the equation. That's why facts and memories do not always coincide. The parent's true intentions can negate a dramatic moment from a child's perspective within that period. For example, a child can remember that every weekend spent with one parent vs. another was like a vacation. There were no established rules, ice cream for dinner, and the time spent at the park was infinite. In reality, that parent could have been dealing with many new beginnings. Divorced and running her/household independently can be challenging if they often rely on everybody having a fixed role.

On the other hand, Cancer can be seen as a defender. The home is supposed to be a fortress, a place of respite. Cancer must remove the apron and put on a suit if anybody or anything threatens the setup. Water has no shape but takes shape you pour it in. Cancer is also referred to as the lioness of the group. She cares for the "cubs" and most of the hunting (food). This allows the male to patrol, mark and guard the pack's territory. At times, it may be difficult to pierce through a Cancer's defense system, but it can be that they're running on survival fuel. Everything they love and care for must be protected at all costs, which may mean that outsiders can be blocked for some time.

Since we all have our birthday at random times, let's look at the different 4th house energy. Fire zodiac signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) that have taken ownership of that house exhibit almost opposite characteristics of the Cancer sign. The home would be a place to show off their status. Items and furniture would be added to the decor just for beauty or to be the first to get the latest gadget. On the other hand, these folks would find pride in creating their household objects. For some, comfort wouldn't be the priority, but the primary mode of operation would be an inspiration. Masculine energy or persona will significantly influence the environment one way or another. These individuals will need to release a lot of pent-up anger and sexual energy…so a physical outlet is a must. A home is a place where they can indeed be themselves. If anything gets in the way, they or someone else has to go. The "midlife crisis" can become an issue.

Even though the water zodiac gang (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) respond more straightforwardly to the 4th house environment, they each have their signature. Cancer is mainly associated with the mother because of its nurturing energy. The crab is often depicted in its zodiac symbology because the hard shell represents the home, which is a place that protects the softer side of you. The part of you that doesn't always have to prove anything and/or doesn't need to participate in the survival of the fittest. Also, you do not eat the shell in its mature form; the inside of a crab is consumed. Getting to the center means breaking the shell strategically to have the meat. It's a whole mess! For some, they would instead leave this messy activity only the home. Cravings and "airing your dirty laundry" sayings were probably incepted by Cancer's concept.

An individual with Scorpio in the 4th house often experiences its respective themes, sex, death, whatever is hidden, purity, transformation, etc., while growing up. For several reasons, it could go from experiencing your first menstruation to your mother not being in the picture. It was also realizing that subconsciously you've been recreating relationship dynamics from your childhood/past into your current bonds. It was understood that you might be more alike to your parents than you think. On a more serious note, you might have lost your virginity earlier or later than intended or needed. The importance or the lack of sex education could have been an issue. Positively, you could have discovered and honed your innate abilities early. Your dreams/goals/achievements are significant to you, almost obsessively. I believe that the "the storks delivering babies" myth could have been an inspiration.

Pisces in the 4th house is like being in a learning experiment without having a specific schedule. First, you feel like you have to hire an interpreter to translate your dreams. Whenever you wake up (and remember), you recall the craziest movie scenes that your subconscious has put into production. You think you figured out the pattern, and then here's another mystery loop. Similarly, trying to figure out what you want out of life seems like an uphill. You have so many interests that you have no idea how to keep up the balancing scale. If there were a tree that could give you a variety of fruits, you would wholeheartedly pick that one or more. Secondly, the people that you meet are not so random. You start to realize that there is some order in the chaos. Thirdly, you recognize that even though your emotions may be ever-changing, you know what is going "overboard" and is "underwhelming." Finally, confusion means you must wait and go with the flow, and clarity will eventually come. "Shake your booty" was probably an influence.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) in the 4th house need and bring a fresh breeze into the household and environment. It comes as inducing change so that stagnation does not reign. For some, it would come in changing their home's configuration based on how they feel. Their most intimate guests would be observing their life's gradual change based on the current outlook of their living room, for example. The host(s) could be very chatty and welcoming, allowing them to gain information/opportunities that would have been amiss for their fire signs counterparts. Contrarily, they like to talk about how "things" used to be almost casually as if briefly going over a magazine page and turning it over. The ones that are privy to their core know precisely when something could be nagging at them, even if they're pretending as if life is swell.

On the other hand, their past could be regarded as a diary. Even if they would love to relive a past idyllic moment, they know better than just going with the "flow." People and situations that may have well moved on can keep passing through or coming back because some underlying issue has not been dealt with. They are caught throwing caution to the wind and doing the logical thing, which can be a good thing. By being in observation mode, the chips will fall where they may, allowing events to unfold on their own accord. Mercury retrograde periods affect them much more than most (except Virgo, of course); they should assume the role of a witness. These timelines are particularly suitable for playing a detective; the truth is in the pudding.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) situated in the 4th house can compare their home to a candy cane palace: it gives them everything they need in the material sense. The Taurus energy would be particular about choosing the right home/surrounding based on its value. Possibly, they would want to decorate their home to make them feel luxurious, whether on a budget or not. They believe that the "flow of abundance" can only be achieved when there is harmony in the home. They understand that appreciating the simpler things of life will align with the flow. 4th house Taurus people are the best to go into the hospitality business; comfort is their middle name.

Virgo in the 4th house energy is all about harmony but from a physical, emotional, and spiritual sense. Virgo will analyze the kind of neighbors they have and act accordingly. The notion of "asking your neighbors for a cup of sugar" could have had its root in dealing with Virgo's 4th house types. Their home location was strategically chosen based on where they work or any other place they need to attend regularly. Their home reflects their feelings, so they must hold on to some order. Since Virgo is a mutable energy, they need to bring change in their home routine, and it will allow for clarity and awareness. Among the Earth gang, Virgo is the one who needs to get out of their house the most. That's how they will receive their most wanted and needed answers, solutions, and messages.

Capricorn in the 4th house energy can be compared to that Drake song: "Started from the bottom." It's like the houseman responsible for acquiring the finances, for whatever reason, now has to assume the role of "househusband" and takes a big responsibility for educating the kids. These individuals understand the ups and downs, the lack and plenty, and the contrasts that often show up on their journey. They also know how vital and necessary a supportive role is because they've been in the spotlight. They appreciate the new beginnings because the learning never stops, and they keep stacking their "knowledge coins." Relationships are very significant to them; therefore, they will sustain and nourish them for a lifetime.

The 4th house, according to all the zodiac signs in a nutshell…


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