Intentional 2020. Start. Here.

Fuel for the way you Live, Love, Lead and Play in 2020

Intentional 2020. Start. Here.
Buckle up for a Virtual Journey. An Inbound Adventure. A RoadMap to What's Next For You.

December 22, 2019


In fact, I would go so far to say that I don't believe in Resolutions!

Even though making New Year's resolutions is a time-honored tradition all around the world, according to research on the topic, about 60% of us admit that we make New Year's resolutions BUT only about 8% of us are successful in achieving them!

Regardless of whether we achieved our previous resolutions, most of us go right ahead and make a new set of resolutions -- hoping for the best.

And it's the same, year after year.

We all hope for a better future--especially when the year we're leaving behind has been a tough one.



INTENTIONS are living, breathing manifestations of

What We Say We Want


Where We Want to GO.

INTENTIONS are the FUEL for accelerating us toward our goals.

Powerful Intentions allow us to BE THE DRIVER of our LIVES.

And NOT at the whim of the Road.

We all travel the same road in life, although at different speeds and with different destinations written in our hearts.


If you are like me, you are curious to learn what lies around the next bend. Particularly when things aren't working or heading the way we want them to.

This curiosity is compelling, and is an invitation to explore our lives from a NEW perspective.

The MidLife RoadTrip™ is a virtual vehicle conceived to accelerate your journey to wherever you are headed next in the middle years of life. It is both a peek out the rear view mirror at where you've been, and the act of intentionally shifting gears, in order to accelerate toward what is next for you. Together we will explore the energy needed to fuel the way we Live, Love, Lead and Play. And co-create a RoadMap that, when followed, accelerates you toward your Destination - whatever your goals and dreams may be.

In my first story here on Vocal, "Nebraska, the Etch-A-Sketch on the Road of Life," I wrote about my ACTUAL midlife road trip, as I relocated from California to Minnesota. I waxed poetic on the fact that every landscape carries its own energy and how we shape ourselves today, right now, every moment, as well as through our past experiences.

Here's a peek at that first story... it explains a lot about who I am and why I founded this Midlife Movement.

We've logged untold miles on our individual and collective journeys on the roads of our lives.


2020 isn't just a NEW YEAR.

It's a whole NEW DECADE!

What is your desired destination? What would you like to achieve by the end of 2020?

Is it a new job or career? Is there a relationship that is ending, or beginning, or needs some maintenance to keep it running smoothly? Are your children leaving the nest? Are you looking up, to discover that many things have changed, and the purpose that you felt in your life is shifting as well?

Together, we will explore the many interior roads less traveled, in order to reach our Destinations.

There is always promise with the sunrise.

There is always opportunity for reflection with the sunset.

When the road forks, I usually choose the road less traveled...

Take a Test Drive with me, here on The MidLife RoadTrip™

Invite a friend you love.

Road trips are always best when experienced together.


Follow me here, or on Facebook at "Susie Dickey - The MidLife RoadTrip" and soon on the world wide web.

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