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In life, there are always unexpected warmth

by thi nga tran 4 days ago in happiness
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In life, there are always unexpected warmth

In life, there are always unexpected warmth
Photo by Ikhsan Sugiarto on Unsplash

Read such a fable story.

A rich man made a lot of money in his business, but he was worried and unhappy all the time, afraid that someone would steal his money or not pay him back.

So he took these properties everywhere to find happiness, but after crossing thousands of mountains and rivers, he still did not find the happiness he wanted, he sat in the mountains and sighed.

At this time, a woodcutter was passing by carrying sticks from the mountain. As he happened to pass by, he laid down his burden and took a rest.

The rich man saw the woodcutter and said, do you know where happiness lies? I couldn't find it for ages.

"Yes," said the woodcutter, "you see how happy I am when I put down my burden.

After hearing this, the rich man suddenly realized that he was not happy because he had carried too many things and was afraid of money all day.

So after the mountain, the rich man began to use his own money to do charity, to help the poor people in the mountains.

All these won the rich man a good reputation and reputation, so his business is doing better and better.

The woodcutter and the rich man both get the happiness they never had because they let go, in fact, this is life.

Life will not always be perfect, there are always big and small fetters, but live understand people, know how to accept, let go, let go.

A good life is about letting go of these three things.

Let go of the past

There is a saying: do not read the past, not afraid of the future.

Living in the past is a great sorrow in life. We can't change the past, we can't start over.

The only thing we can do is to do well in the present and strive for a better future.

Those who cannot let go of the past can hardly create a bright future. Life has a lot of regret or glorious past, these can only be as an occasional memory, not as a lasting memory.

To let go of the past is to let go of the present.

Put down the complain

The outcome is already a given, and complaining doesn't change it, it just adds to your inner annoyance.

Don't complain about your parents, to learn filial piety; Don't complain about friends, to know friendship; Don't complain about love, you can find love.

More free and easy, less complain, let yourself in an open-minded attitude, feeling life, interpretation of life.

Life is too short to be hard on yourself. Let us calmly and joyfully through the spring, summer, autumn and winter of life.

Put down the impulse

If a person does not know how to calm down, it is possible to make a mistake into eternal hate, calm things, do not let the demon of impulse devour your heart that piece of pure land.

The biggest enemy on the road to success is not a lack of opportunities or a lack of qualifications, but a lack of control over your emotions.

Anger, can not control anger, so that the surrounding cooperators back. Depressed, indulge their own dispirited, the many fleeting opportunities wasted.

Impulsive, may lose a vital opportunity. Calm, but may get a crucial turning point in life.

There's a line in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

"When you clench your fist and there's nothing in it, you unclench your fingers and you have the world."

Life, there will always be unexpected warmth, and the progress of life and growth.

When you want more in life, open your hands and let go of more.

Let go of the past, let go of the complaints, let go of the impulses, let go of the things that affect your life, also let go of yourself.


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