If I Do Say So Myself

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I'm a catch.

If I Do Say So Myself

This is a talk for validation. To remind yourself that you are not the problem. You can be 100% honest, dedicated, loyal, but another person's 0% will average the overall score to 50%. Now you are 50% less than yourself. That is not at all fair to you, your heart, and your energy. Leave the people alone who cannot match your filled cup. You are the catch, the game-winning catch. You are not the catch of the day, but the catch of a lifetime. Here are three tips to remind yourself when you feel otherwise:

1. You have the confidence DRIP.

Most of the time you are the most confident in situations you do not even have to think twice about. Why? Because you know that you already have everything under control. As humans, we know we cannot control everything, but practicing the action of completing everything we put our minds to with 100% love and dedication secures that success and happiness we seek. From now on, be allergic to defeat. There is immense strength inside of you. You do not have time to let fear stop you from getting back up to fight for what is yours.

2. You're beyond VALUABLE.

It's that one skill that you do incredibly well. Whether that be art, math, making your friends laugh, you mean the world to somebody. The most important person though should be yourself. Take the time to perfect your talents and then take the time to validate yourself. Know and believe how much you are worth. If not, people will try to sell you anything, mostly on their part it's free and for you, it can cost you everything.

3. You are all THAT (and a bag of chips).

Clap for yourself, you need a round of applause because you are incredible. School is hard, work is hard, life is hard, but you are still here and you are still breathing. Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of that. Good things come in a package with sweat and tears. Yes, we may have those days where we mess up, big time. Yet, as long as you take that mistake and build on it, you are always growing in the right direction. Once you can grow from your mistakes, you can help others grow too, and before you know it there's a beautiful garden you created. Look at you go, give yourself the credit you deserve.

I have lived in the pool of "I am never enough." I have told myself this repeatedly because so many people have shown me this. For the girl who may cry aloud or inside her head, that will never be the case. That other person is incapable of being enough for you. You are too much of a good thing. People will hurt us, but knowing you are confident, you are valuable, and that you are a model of what love looks like, you can use these tools to mend your own scars. You are intertwined with yourself forever, and sometimes you are the only person you may have. It is important to remember that you are your biggest fan. I also promise to stan you and your reign for as long as I can.

"You are your best thing." - Toni Morrison
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