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If happiness has a password

by Paul Handy 5 days ago in happiness
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has a password

If happiness has a password
Photo by Andy Oldham on Unsplash

The philosopher Feuerbach said, "your first responsibility is to make yourself happy. If you are happy, you can make others happy." So what is happiness?

There is no standard for happiness. Some people say that health is the greatest happiness, and children are also happy when they are promising; Some people say that the family's healthy reunion and harmonious life is happiness, not worrying about food and clothing, promotion and wealth, and good luck is happiness; Some people say that happiness is a million lucky awards hit the head, accompanied by a confidant

On the road of life, everyone is knocking at the door of happiness and looking for their own happiness. God is fair. He gives everyone a happiness password to open the door of happiness. But some people pursue happiness all their life and fail to find happiness in the end; Some people think they are very happy, but in fact they don't know what is true happiness; More people are unable to know that they have happiness. They often don't grasp happiness well and let happiness leave themselves too early.

Without really deciphering the password of happiness, it is impossible to open the door of happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Having money is not necessarily happiness, and having no money is not necessarily unhappy. Happiness is an open-minded state of mind. Happiness comes from the ease and satisfaction of life and the infinite longing and hope for the future. For a person or a family, whether poor or rich, poor has poor happiness, rich and rich happiness. It is the so-called "happiness with wealth and poverty, and it is a fool not to laugh". Poor happiness is contentment, rich happiness is charity. Wealth does not necessarily mean happiness. Many things in life are far more important than money. Many things can't be bought with money, including happiness. Happiness is actually very simple. People's feeling of happiness is closely related to the needs of life, spirit and society. The greatest happiness is the feeling of satisfaction in the soul.

Happiness is a feeling. Celebrities may not be happy, and ordinary people may not be unhappy. I envy my peers for having a house, a car and a good career. I think standing out is the key to happiness; In old age, I envy the sonorous and powerful footsteps of others, and feel that everything is no longer important. Only health is the most reliable happiness. From small to large, I always look up the definition of happiness and wave away the happiness in front of me. When all the colorful things turn into nostalgia, I find that I have missed the most beautiful season in my life, but I see the winding path and happy flowers everywhere.

Happiness is a kind of responsibility. Marriage may not be happiness, and celibacy may not be unhappy. A happy marriage lies in loyalty, which is a responsibility. Eating well, dressing well and living well is a happy marriage. In today's market economy, material wealth is certainly the guarantee of a happy family life, but it is by no means the only one. If you are irresponsible for marriage, then the most magnificent marriage is far less happy than celibacy.

Happiness is a belief. Soundness is not necessarily happiness, and disability is not necessarily unhappiness. Happiness is a spirit of life, a pursuit, and an awakening that ordinary people can't understand and practice. Achieve self love, self-esteem, self-improvement and self-confidence, and you will often experience happiness. Let others get and have happiness is often their own greatest and longest happiness.

Happiness is a kind of happiness that lasts for a long time, feels satisfied with life and has great fun in life, and naturally hopes to last for a long time. It is not required that every moment in life should be happy. We should understand that pain is also a part of happiness. Happiness comes from a sense of purpose. Happiness has blind spots. People who have lost it know its value. To find a new model, cover the inferiority complex in your heart, seal sadness and make it a part of history, you should put down your burden and walk with flowers.

People should have a running head when they live, and this running head should have some value. People should have a sense of mission and a sense of nobility. A person may not believe in religion, but he must believe in something. Believe in something high above your own self-interest. If you are buried in the secular and mediocre dust and love each other every day, you will feel that there is no difference between a lifetime and a day, which makes people shrink and lifeless. Man is a strange animal. We must find some meaning for life. Life is meaningless, so we should make it meaningful. Life itself is not happy, so we have to live happily.

There is no absolute good or bad thing in the world. It depends on how you face it. A person's life is like a trip. There are countless bumps and muddy along the way, but there are also endless spring flowers and Autumn Moon. A heart is always covered by gray dust. How can you feel happiness when your heart dries up, your eyes darken, your vitality and fighting spirit are lost? We must maintain an optimistic and upward attitude and cherish our abilities and values. Even in adversity and besieged on all sides, we firmly believe that "there is no way out, and there is no way out". Then what mountain can't climb and what barrier can't be crossed? When we go over and look back on this experience, it turns out that those ditches and obstacles are our precious life experience.

The true tolerance is to accommodate both others and oneself. To be open-minded and tolerant of dissidents is not to be narrow-minded and small-minded, but to have a heart like the sea and accommodate all rivers. Be tolerant of yourself. Learn to get along well with inferiority complex, clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses, and don't demand yourself to be "perfect". To face your own shortcomings and tolerate them is not to be indifferent to progress. We must realize that no one can be 100% excellent. It's unfair to ask others to be perfect, and it's also unreasonable to ask yourself to be perfect. "Tolerance" can maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships, "tolerance" can put down the burden and work, study and live in an orderly manner.

Since you don't have the ability to adapt the reality to yourself, why not take the initiative to adapt to the reality. Accept the lost reality and start to establish a new life order; Accept irreversible changes and find new strength in life; Don't store sadness in the wardrobe of memory forever. It will be scattered as soon as you open the door. We should pack it and put it in the deep memory. Time can't solve all problems. We should consciously suture the injured heart.

No life is perfect, and no life will make a person completely satisfied. People who complain only see their own pay, but not their own income. If complaining becomes a habit of being a man, life will become a cage, not smooth and dissatisfied everywhere; On the contrary, people who do not complain will not complain about life even if they are really tired, because loss and gain are always together.

Consultation with a well-known Western newspaper "Who is the happiest person in the world? According to the statistics, there are four kinds of people who are the happiest: the first is the mother who has just bathed the child; the second is the doctor who has just cured the patient and watched the patient go away at the gate of the hospital; the third is the child who has just built a sand castle on the beach and looked at his masterpiece; the last answer is the writer who has written the last word of his work. From this point of view, happiness is not earth shaking and brilliant. The most simple essence of happiness is the warm moments and wonderful moments in life, and the true feelings that can be appreciated for a long time in our hearts.

The sea of people is vast. May everyone hold the password of happiness and open the door of happiness in life.


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