I Want to Do Big Things

by Naseeha Tayob 11 months ago in goals

I live outside the lines. I want to do big things. Fear be damned.

I Want to Do Big Things

Human beings have a fascinating feature; that is the ability to envision something that does not exist, or imagination. When these visions are built on, it becomes a dream. It is my strongest belief that the ability to dream is what sets apart those who are driven and those who drop dead at the sense of fear.

I am a passionate advocate in uplifting people through transformation and empowerment. A big part of what drives this initiative of change is my personal and professional commitment to healing, connecting, and inspiring. As a coach, I can tell when a person is holding themselves back and not fulfilling their potential. Having my share of winning and losing at life, even at this subtle age, my journey of monumental transformation has revolutionised every aspect of my life. Today, I hold with absolute assurance that every fall and every highflying moment are two equally powerful standpoints for growth. The opportunities to express ourselves authentically are endless if we choose to believe in the promise of the future rather than the fear of the present. This is one of the most priceless lessons I learned as an aspiring writer and businesswoman—that fear will determine the extent of our fulfillment. The life I have created thus far has this wisdom built into its foundation and has turned me into a full-bodied agent of change.

Believing in myself is by far, the most powerful tool with which i create my life. The road has required only one thing—courage! Courage to allow change, courage to see the truth in myself, courage to let go and courage to see the wonders of being alive. This is what many people have forgotten, or rather, ignored. It is not the destination, but the journey where the most succulent fruits are to be picked an enjoyed on the way. The journey is taking in the scene while you build and feeling small moments that hold some of the greatest beauty.

What seems like the lesser of things in life tend to be the most important because even in those moments we hold importance in this world. We are only here but for a while. And even in this small and what may seem to some be insignificant stages in life, we still deserve the most beautiful life we can give ourselves. When we understand this, that is when we will stretch and bloom.

In extending my platform of connecting with people who seek to have their minds stretched, I recently took to the stage to a larger audience with whom I spent time and energy in shifting focus toward something bigger. This is one of my favourite parts about working with people. Witnessing people take time in doing the one thing that is dynamic for themselves, that is, simply experiencing life without asking permission or offering explanation is one of my greatest sources of encouragement.

Nobody can see the fire inside me, but I choose to keep it lit no matter what. The risk of making it or losing it all is what makes me feel alive. This is where it matters. On every path ventured, I lead with the audacity to believe change is possible and to have the humility to recognize that we cannot do it alone.

Naseeha Tayob
Naseeha Tayob
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