I Want to Change the World

Here's where I begin.

I Want to Change the World
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May I start with a little story, something that just found its way into my head?

Thank you...

Imagine it; a vast barren land, the smog is so thick you can't see the stars or the horizon no matter where you are. The rich live in domes, a bubble of indulgence with an artificial, projected sky, with rich, delicious, genetically modified superfoods. They have every lavish thing you could ever ask for, they're happy, without a care in the world. Machines do everything for them. They're all identical and they live healthy for over 150 years. The poor live outside, breathing the floating dirt output by the domes. Their homes are built from of scrap and trash, which are no match for the dust storms, their meals are just slime made of old discarded superfood. Not a single thing grows out here, and there's nothing to hunt. Everyone looks different from those on the inside, they have different skin, different eyes, voices and minds. They fight for the survival of one another... In vain more often than not, you're lucky if you live to 45.

This is Earth. This is humanity.

We all have causes close to our hearts, now's our time to act, it's our time to make things right. Our world is full of suffering, that we can't deny, we can't stop everything, but we can stop bringing it upon ourselves. Be Kind.

Kind to each other,

Kind to ourselves,

Kind to the world and all of its little lives.

The world hurts for a lot of us, I've seen it in my way. I've had my demons drive me to the edge, inching me closer and closer. Looking around, everything ahead of me was dark... but I never jumped, I never took that step, I'm a lucky one. I'm strong now, and I'm going to share that strength. I want to help those who are fighting demons, mental and physical.

I'm a fighter, I'm a lover, I love this world and I'm going to fight for it.

There's a little business I've been working on, it's not much, it's just a seedling at the moment. I'm going to meet every standard that I believe every business should, and this seedling will grow to cast a tall shadow on negativity.

No more media telling you that you're inadequate!(I have no clue where they get that rubbish from, you're gorgeous.)

No more sweatshops!(These people work their fingers off for your comfy clothes and knock-off designer shoes, and get nothing for it.)

No more cosmetic testing on animals!(Unnecessary and inaccurate, you have no idea what cosmetic companies do.)

That's just a small fraction of it, we can't ignore these issues. It's just pure misery! We can change the world, together. You may think "What can I do?" and you wouldn't be the only person to ask, I asked that too, and this is where that search for answers got me. You and I, us, we can do it together, I'm not your enemy and you're not mine. Leaders of all kinds have no choice but to listen when the world is against them, they are nothing without us. We CAN make a difference, whether they like it or not. Deep down, they are slaves to us, not the other way around. How does that make you feel?

I plan to donate to charities if this little business-seed grows strong.

It's a tiny shop at the moment, I currently use soy wax, organic cotton and my two bare hands. I take the time to consider the effects of making my products so nobody loses. We're all winners. Thank you.

Currently, you can find me here on Etsy. It may change in near future but I'll keep you posted. See you soon.

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