I Come to a Fork in the Road

by Mac Childs 2 years ago in success

Which path should I choose?

I Come to a Fork in the Road

My journey has brought me to a fork in the road.

Do I choose the right or left?

If I choose left, I will continue down the path I am on. It is a path of security and peace of mind. I know that, on the path to my left, I will find safety and comfort. I will not know hunger and I will be surrounded by all that has kept me company on my journey so far. The same ideas, the same routine. The same life. There is happiness down this path, I know because I have found much happiness along the path so far. There are few risks, but also few adventures. There are few obstacles to overcome, but also few challenges to force me out of my comfort zone. There are no wars to fight, but also no celebrations to be had, no great wins. There is little growth along the path to the left, only existence. There is sustenance, sure, but will I find true satisfaction?

If I choose the right, I will start a new journey today. I do not know what lies down the path, only that it leads far from the path I am on. There may be obstacles and barriers blocking my way that I have never dreamed of, dragons in the sea, giants on the land. There is fear along the path to the right, but also excitement. There is no security net, but the possibility of great rewards. This is little comfort, at least in the beginning, but there are milestones to achieve. There will be battles to be fought, but with them the chance for great victories. There will be friends lost as they will not choose to come down this path with me out of fear or complacency. There may be pain. There may be sorrow. But, there may be new bridges built and great bonds forged. There may be songs to sing and love and renewed passions. More than satisfaction, there is a chance at true fulfillment along the path to the right… but there are no guarantees.

To my left, close to the end of the path, I fear that I will be visited by many ghosts. Will I see the ghosts of great ideas had but never acted on? Will I see the ghosts of the books dreamed of but never written? Will I hear the ghosts whisper in my ear all the things I should have said, but chose not to out of fear or neglect? Will I see the hurt in others that I could have prevented or helped to sooth but chose not to? Will I meet the ghost of the person I could have been along the path to the right, only to know that he will die along with me, along with the books, the dreams, the ideas, and the great passions I could have known… if I had chosen the path to the right?

I stand at a fork in the road. My life hangs in the balance. On the left, more of what has been, on the right what could be. I hesitate. Don’t you? I step towards the left and pull my foot back. To the right, but wait, no. We all have an inherent fear about taking chances and choosing the road less traveled. But, what does fear truly give us but more of what we have grown complacent and comfortable with? I long for more. I need it.

I stand there today, for tomorrow it may be gone.

Which path will I take?

Will you come with me?

Mac Childs
Mac Childs
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Mac Childs

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