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I Cannot Live Without My…

by Lynne Black 2 months ago in happiness

What are things you cannot live without?

Think about it and happiness can be yours today.

I cannot live without… What are things you cannot live without? Of course, there are essential things no one can live without. Indeed, we all need air to breathe, water to drink and use, food to eat.

When you think about things you cannot live without; of course there are things we can all afford to give up. So, think about a way to find a balance in your life. Mmmm – this may be challenging. But think about it – What can you give up for a day? A week? A month? A year? or, forever?

Technology you Cannot Live Without

In the first place, technology seems to rule the world. Wherever you are, everyone seems to be looking at their cell phone. When you think about how you would function without your mobile phone, computer, reading device, device on your watch and car; what would your life be like? When I was growing up; much of today’s technology wasn’t available.

So, imagine a week without technology. If you take away your mobile device and computer; it can allow you the time to focus on relationships. Since I’m a believer in communication; I think technology has destroyed a lot of interpersonal communication.

Social Media you Cannot Live Without

In the same way, most individuals communicate by email or text. What happened to telephoning someone and having a conversation? Visit my Like Love Hate Social Media Relationship post to read more about how technology is impacting our relationships.

For many people growing up today, they are given mobile devices at a young age. Before many children enter grade school; they already have familiarity with computers and iPads. When I was a little girl, I played with Barbie and Dawn dolls, colored and played outside. Whenever I’m around my nephews; they want to play video games on their iPad or game device.

Technology is impacting interpersonal relationships.

In addition, many of today’s youth cannot live without video games. When I was recently shopping for a new laptop; I was surprised to see all of the Gaming Computers available. Since many kids don’t leave their room due to all of the video games; what happens when they have a responsibility?

I Cannot Live Without My…

So, when I think about things I cannot live without, they are:

1. My Husband – Like any relationship, my Hubby and I have our good and bad days; but I cannot imagine living without him. Visit my Husband Mr. Right post to learn more about my significant other. As Joe and I grow in our relationship, we have brought out the best in one another.

2. Computer – Although I can live without a lot of technology; as a writer and blogger; I’m dependent on a computer. As a writer, I’m always researching topics. And of course, a computer makes my life easier. I remember when I was in High School; I learnt how to type on a typewriter. Today, a computer is a necessity for most people.

3. Friendship – Since I have been self-employed for over 28 years; I spend a lot of time working from my home. For me, I enjoy my relationships with my close friends. Visit my Friendship Makes Life Sparkle post to read more about my personal friendships. In essence, it is important for me to make time for my friends.

4. Air conditioning – I cannot imagine my life without central air conditioning. Moreover, I also love the bed jet that my Hubby bought me a while ago. This is a must for me. Visit my Night Night Sleep Solutions post to read about the bed jet.

Travel and Adventure

My passion for travel and adventure – My love for exploring new places, cities, states, and countries is something I hope to do more of this year.

At any rate, one of my favorite places I’ve been to over and over again is Aruba. To read more, be sure to check out my Aruba One Happy Island Vacation post to learn more about my love of this island. In addition, I have enjoyed prior trips to Italy, Sedona, Lisbon, Arizona, and Hawaii.

Next on my agenda is, I’m going to the Azores in Portugal in the early Summer.

What Things Can you Live Without

I cannot Live Without My...

So, of course, there are basic necessities that everyone needs. But, what are some things you cannot live without? Try to make a list of things you cannot live without. Are there things you can go a day without? A week? A month? Or six months, a year? When you think about how dependent you are on certain things; I’m sure there are some things you can live without.

In the meantime, I think everyone needs certain things to live with daily. However, there are certain things we can all give up for a bit. For instance, try to take a walk on the beach. When you’re out walking, smile at people. Stop to say “Hello” if you see someone you know. Smile!

Another thing you can try to do – is to leave your cell phone behind when you’re going out. Whether you’re going to a party, out with friends, a date, or a vacation, try to leave it behind. Of course, I’m not saying don’t bring it with you; but tuck it somewhere where it is not handy. Or, power your phone down.

In conclusion, try to think about some things you cannot live without?

As always, I welcome your comments.


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