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How you've been measuring success during the pandemic

by Angelina Raisa 7 months ago in success
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Spoiler alert, it's been modified by society, culture, community, hegemonic history, and environment.

How you've been measuring success during the pandemic
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It's been a difficult couple of years since the pandemic and yet some of us are not changing our views of success in our days, months, and years. Though others embrace the new daily and weekly achievements like "I got out of bed today, or I washed my hair". There is this idea that success is to hustle or open a business from home.

Social Media has also created new levels of success at this time. Trends have come and gone with creators, influencers, micro influences, and you. We baked our own bread, learnt the latest TikTok dance, made pastas or mastered reel transitions on Instagram.

Some of us felt a bit of an anticlimax when our content failed and even when it succeeded. At what level were you meant to feel successful, not temporary accomplishments but long term success?

On my personal journey, I dug my toes into the depth of education thinking that would be where I'd feel success. I received an award for my grades at uni last year. And now I've reached the end of my studies and I know I am not done learning.

I studied now approximately 70 online certificates via LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and other online educational platforms.

I self-published a magazine and recently completed of my Bachelor and displayed work at an exhibition. And I did this all with an injury to my dominant arm. I spent way too much time in medical appointments and on painkillers, BUT...

Even I am blinded, I can't always see the success I have already accomplished.

I wanted to bake bread for my family and watch movies on the couch with popcorn and chocolates. I wanted my 57-year-old mother to not say "you don't need a degree to get a good job with good money". Why? Because the money and the job was not my version of success.

Though education is definitely how I measure my personal success it is certainly not what I expect of others from me.

So what is it that makes you measure your success? Really truly?


It all comes down to what you value. Sometimes brainstorming by using only words to define you, your personal attributes and your professional skills and goals.

How else will you learn what you need to add to your life for your version of success is you don't write it down.

Yes. You may measure success in your online social media presence, that is absolutely valid. Because it could be that you find value in being creative, communicative, community growth and others peoples joys.

You may measure success in finances, property, wealth and community connection within the space made, and that is completely valid too.

But whatever your value and measure of success is you must be aware to be sure it is a healthy measurement and healthy value.

Two ways you can learn more about yourself is to complete a personality test, complete a SWOT analysis and do a SMART goals template based on yourself. Then evaluate is any of your choices were impacted by your upbringing, community, history, culture, societal behaviors, or home.

Make sure you align to your own values and don't make choices based on how you are influenced. Understand that you are influenced beyond your imagination. Your senses absorb surrounds. Your mind consumes what it is fed and your mindset of an ideal life can be accidently built on these and your contstant exposure to what may not suit your ideals.

Most importantly, your version of success can change. At any time. Naturally and organically or by sheer force and purpose.

So moving forward here are my final tips:

Complete a personality test, word list, SWOT analysis, SMART goals and even a moodboard. This is somewhat a start to a branding bible and career plan for you personally of for what you want to create from your life.

I promise you, it is all possible. View my CV to know that it is possible. I still have more room to grow, and don't we all. We can never stop growing, changing and even avoiding the pandemic trends of success. Be your own version of success.


About the author

Angelina Raisa

Visual Communications & Social Media Specialist.

Photographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Creative Writer, Content Producer & Curator, Editor, Columnist and Author. Passionate egalitarian.

Editor of HEART - the missing piece Magazine

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