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How to Use Freelance for Massive Growth

by Sigmund Carlson 2 years ago in goals
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Be a freelance was never easy. But now, odds are incredibly high to growth your benefits and independence

How to Use Freelance for Massive Growth
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The benefits of freelancing are known: you can manage your time whatever you want, live in any place in the world, and liberate yourself from that 9 to 5 jobs you hate.

But be your boss and living unchained is not easy. It comes with pros and cons. If you want to get mostly the advantages, let's take a look at these tips that'll make rekindle your love for freelance:

1. Read One Book per Day

I know it sounds crazy, but Warren Buffet read 600 pages every day. You don't need such a score. There are tons of books with less than 100 pages, easy to transport, and most of them are free!.

2. Buy a plant and nurture it

Yes, studies show that one plant close to your desk can improve your serotonin levels and enhances your focus. The explanation is plants consume CO2, and they purify the ambient and humidify the air.

A cactus is perfect. Their name means "keeper of the home." It's doesn't need so much nurture, and watering one time every ten times is enough.

3. Do push-ups after finishing something relevant

By Sam Owoyemi on Unsplash

Push-ups are your workout of an election. You can do it virtually in any single place and improve your posture, sensations of well-being, and increase your muscle mass in every part of your body. Do ten with a proper technique per day.

Even there are practical challenges with a fixated number of push-ups per day. Not being able to do 10 push-ups associated with premature death and less testosterone.

4. Write like crazy

Writing a blog is something that everyone can do. Don't make of this a difficult task, only write whatever you think. I love writing lots of profanity, and my mind feels free to continue. Even you can use notepad.

5. Paint

Are you a disaster drawing stuff? I failed all the tests in High School. But, you know what? Picasso, Andy Warhol, and lots of artists invented pop-art and vanguard movements. You don't need to copy the reality, paint whatever passes your mind.

6. Be Green

By julii on Unsplash

Can't you afford to live in a beautiful house close to nature? Don't worry, even something so basic as changing your wallpaper helps. Choose one of a beautiful landscape, and you'll feel all smooth and relaxed.

We are supposed to connect with nature, but our brain can't tell the difference between a virtual or a real one.

7. Check your coffee intake

Well, there is nothing I can do. I love a hot mug coffee. But, while I feel better for two hours after a time comes the crash. Caffeine is similar to buy with a credit card. You'll pay double after with your health and lack of energy.

8. Take a walk for 1 hour

All the genius through History can't be wrong. You need to walk. Science says every time you walk, your blood flow increases twice, and chances are you'll have better ideas.

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking"

Friedrich Nietzsche

Bonus tip

The mother of all tips.

Do you want to feel better both mentally and physically?

Grab a matt, put it in the ground, suit yourself, close your eyes, and switch off your gadgets: no tablet, no smartphone, no MAC, no TV. You only need five minutes per day. This is a reset. For more benefits focus your mind at one point at least 5 minutes per day.

And I think the most important at all is chill out. Please don't take anything as it was the end of the world.

Step by step, and you'll conquer the world.


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Sigmund Carlson

History is the tragedy of life; poetry the epitome.

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