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How to unstuck and master a skill

by Dmitriy about a month ago in goals
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The road from nothing to something

So you came here for some reason. There must be something in common between you and I. Be it making music or producing a DIY project. So there's no need to explain how hard anxiety can hit you, right? Right.

I had a huge failure in my life which, at the same time, was a great win. I quit my day time job to open a music production studio where I would record local musicians. By that time I already produced some records and had some songs online and on stocks for sale. Sounds good. But the reality was a bit more harsh. I was really bad at audio production. REALLY. BAD.

To put things together I started hunting for a good studio gear and buying it. Nowadays, it's not a big problem. There's so much stuff around. And I managed to actually build a studio piece-by-piece from my rehearsal space. I built a separate control room by working with foam and drywall for the first time in my life. I wired stuff, purchased mics to mic up the drums, cabinets, set up monitors and started telling people I record bands.

The only problem with all that was...I was really really bad at mixing music. So I started looking for better monitors, better plugins, new compressors and stuff. And by the end of this trip when I finally got the stuff I needed, I wound up making even worse job. This is where I started noticing that I must be doing something wrong in general.

And this feeling was correct. It was not about the technique or mic placement. It was all about a patch between the monitors and chair- me. And when I was already feeling miserable for the stuff I was doing, I got a suggestion somewhere on YouTube: do things step-by-step. First balance, then eq, then compress, then reverb/delay. As simple as that. And for me, the guy who already new everything you can hear in any Youtube video about mixing music, accepting the fact that THIS can help was too dangerous for a huge ego. But I tried. And my life was much better ever since.

This applies perfectly well to whatever you do. Be it DIY music making at home, starting a project, launching business, learning something new. You need to take a step at a time, not rush it. And also put the time in it. Because things don't come fast naturally. You won't become a great photographer or musician or programming engineer by practicing 12 hours on weekends. This comes naturally by doing your thing with love and passion 15 minutes to 3 hours a day. And this is it.

If you feel stuck, if you think you are too late for everything, stop right now. You don't lose anything anyways, it's already bad. Give it a shot and make next simple step. And then one more. And do each one beholding where it takes you. This is the road from nothing to something.

Psst. If that is not convincing enough, check out the mixes I make for my music project "the MAEN":

It's being done at home from the ground up. Since the beginning of War in Ukraine I did not have chance to work with the band anymore. But this does not mean that creative process should be stopped. Helping the country by working and paying bills and taxes, donating to the Army, helping others live their lives and keeping them strong is important. This must be one of the reasons why I am here. There's no guarantees if I am going to wake up tomorrow. But while I am here, I can create, share and help others. And if I can, you can too. Good luck!

Go make your next step.


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I am a full-stack music producer and musician/singer for music bands "Stopmenow" and "the MAEN".

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