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How to Successfully Detox from Social Media

Aaaaand Breathe

Social media is one of the biggest booms in technology. We went from writing emails connected to a noisy modem in the 90s to a plethora of social media platforms accessible from our phones. This is a great advantage for us who like to keep up with the world's newest trends or keep in touch with old friends.

However, many of us have experienced first-hand just how addictive checking your social media can be and how difficult it is to stop checking your status! Social media has already been correlated with an increase in anxiety. But possibly, the worst aspect of social media is just how toxic it can be. Being exposed to people who always have something negative to say can become too much to handle. If this sounds familiar at all to you, here's how to successfully go on a social media detox.

1. Delete All Apps

This is possibly the hardest step, but essential for a social media detox. Keep only the ones you absolutely need to function on a daily basis, such as work email apps, music apps or banking apps. Basically, the ones where you won't get a nasty comment from a complete stranger on the internet. You might wanna let everyone know you won't be posting for a while too, so they're able to contact you elsewhere if they have to.

It's important that you actually delete the app from your phone and not just hide it or try to ignore it, so the temptation to check your notifications is easier to deal with. Don't make it hard on yourself! D E L E T E.

2. Find an Interesting Hobby

Keeping occupied is important. Many experience separation anxiety when it comes to being away from your phone so it's really important to distract yourself. If you can find something that involves being creative it'll not only distract your mind but your hands also! And you can't reach for your phone with your hand if it's covered in clay.

3. Focus on the Positive of Socialising

The main reason of doing a social media detox is to detach yourself from online negativity. Instead of spending hours upon hours scrolling down Facebook, try and catch up with that old friend of yours that you haven't seen in a long time. Sure, it may result awkward at first, but that's essentially what you're doing when you "stalk" them online. Bonus points if you actually meet up in person.

4. Keep Up with the World

You don't have to become a cloistered nun in order to detox properly. In fact, becoming a social recluse will increase your temptation and will probably mess up your whole detox process. Check out a newspaper or magazine or look up what's on the trending page on YouTube. Just abstain from looking at the comments! By not completely disappearing from the online world, your "fear of missing out" anxiety will be kept under control.

5. Be Physically Active

Mens sana in corpore sano. Another thing that'll help you deal with social media anxiety is to exercise. It'll keep you occupied but more importantly, physical activity releases endorphins and will make you feel more focused and relaxed.

Being able to detox from social media is a step forward to leading a happy, satisfactory life. We all need a mental break from time to time in order to so don't feel bad about putting yourself first and disconnecting from the world. And have as many social detoxes as you need!

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