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How to start your "writing online business"

by Abika 10 months ago in goals · updated 9 months ago
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Writers are unique because of the ideas they bring

How to start your "writing online business"
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Many of us started writing as a means for extra income. There is no shame in that since renowned authors and poets do the exact same things. The only difference is instead of books online writers bring shirt stories to deliver news, share ideas, as a tale, or even as an educational piece. This is excellent!!!

Why is writing Greattttt!

Now let's stop looking at writing online as a source of income and examine the benefits it has to both the writer and the reader.

How does writing benefits the writer?

If you are a writer and are reading this piece I want you to examine the reason you started writing. Now listen, writing is the 1 oldest form of communication. Today we can use it to share messages to the nearest and furthest parts of the globe in just 1 click. That's why writing online should be given some thought before your move forward.

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Why do persons write?

Whether it's for business or pleasure writers had many personal reasons to put words into coherent sentences and share them with the world wide web. My reasons for writing are:

  1. A source of income
  2. Share my ideas and knowledge
  3. A means for me to vent when I am frustrated
  4. To reach more persons with health-related information

For me, income was a big part of why I started writing. At the time I was vulnerable and open to any means of making money online as a go through med school.

I read the success stories of persons who were able to live off the money they made writing blogs and selling affiliate products that I jumped in headfirst and without thought or plan. I ended up wasting money I could have invested elsewhere. And gained nothing in return, I mean absolutely 0 dollars.

But that didn't stop me, because I discovered there was more than just writing when you have committed time and thought to this journey. It is about sharing information in ways that educate or in the case of fictional pieces brings peaks the interest of the reader and to you. There is 1 of my articles from vocal.

At that time I deleted my blog and started writing for Medium and Vocal. I benefit by:

  1. My article reaches the readers' pool of the platform, with the potential to reach even more outside.
  2. Based on the number of reads I earn money. Even though it is trickling in right now I am praying the rain will come soon.
  3. The criticism and competition are genuine and push me as a writer to bring more and put my best foot forward every time.

For me delivering unique pieces that bring awe to my audience is more important than just making the money. This was the pivotal point where I fell in love with writing.

If you don't feel the surges of joy when someone likes and comment on your pieces then you have not found the joy of writing.

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How does writing benefits the reader?

Writing should not be all about the person writing, it should be thought out to draw the attention of any potential reader. Like this piece, you are reading. My aim is to attract potential writers who want to learn more about developing their skills in writing online articles. If this is you then includes a few of these tips into your writing:

  1. Knowledge of the audience you are appealing to
  2. Include answers to questions and even ask a few questions to get the article interesting.
  3. Use the comments and number of likes are a guide to develop your base as a writer.
  4. Add a few personal pieces to help the reader understand that you understand what they are going through.
  5. Research educational pieces and support the information you put out with creditable facts.
  6. If your piece is about an issue that is distressing and can be negative, learn how to communicate so with honesty but respectfully. Remember putting anyone down to make you look good only makes you a bully.
  7. Add relevant affiliate links, always research the items you promote before you promote them.

Remember as much as this story is a.way of communicating your ideas, it is equally for the person reading it. That means you should always include other views that will appeal to those persons.

You can jump-start your writing business on Vocal as a member and earn lots of its great perks.

In closing

Writing is a constructive and wonderful way to share with others. I know you want to earn money but the income with not come if you cannot reach the persons who can benefit from your writings. Therefore, learn to develop your writing and educate the person you share with, so they will keep coming back.

Thank you for reading. Remember to subscribe and like and get more of my articles ae they are released

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I started writing because it was my way to vent. Now I absolutely enjoyed writing and sharing.

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