How to setup your creative space

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Ideas come when your mind is clear.

How to setup your creative space

Creating the environment.

We all have our different ways of finding inspiration. Either while showering, laying down in bed, going out for a walk or something might even pop up while being bored in class. I like having my space Symmetrically setup with colorful lights around, just because my ideas flow faster and there's no mess to distract me. The time where I'm the most creative is at night because it's dark and the lights become more vibrant and it creative a deeper and intimate vibe.


The time when you decide to work on your art is essential because as soon as you dive in, you won't want to get out. It's just like an addiction that you don't want to stop, the flow of ideas are there and continuously running. You might even miss out on a meal or 2, sleep much later hours than you're use to and not worrying about what's happening in the world. I'm sure you guys know some night owls once they create songs, paint, edit some youtube/video footage or even just brainstorming for a big project. It's important to start creating when you know you have time because, breaking the flow of your ideas might kill the process of a masterpiece.

Surround Yourself With Good Energy.

Who you are with while you're in your creative mode is crucial. All energy isn't good energy. We all know someone who always has something negative to say about our work because they either can't do it or just out of hate. Any negative energy with kill the creative process. Maybe their presence or words interfere with your imagination or has a bad impact that doesn't allow you to go pass a certain level of thinking and you limit yourself to certain thoughts just not to be judged. Positivity is strongly encouraged. If you need to be alone then that might be the solution, maybe you like a person with high energy or a little more chilled down vibe. Choose what is right for you.

Keep a Positive Attitude.

It can be difficult to keep being positive because of creators block or what they also call riders block. It happens every once in a while when the inspiration doesn’t come to us right away and we start to doubt the process and giving up. We are in a period of time where people have lost loved ones because of this pandemic including myself.. The best songs, drawings and other art pieces comes in times like this because as humans we are emotional and we can relate to much. The best we can do is express our feelings, it isn’t easy but keep your heads up, and stay with a positive thinking. I wrote for the first time in my life as i lost my cousin, i felt quite better because i have never expressed the way i felt with the life i grew up with. I shared to a few of my friends because i like to get stuff of my chest and i felt better because i wrote the way i felt. I had to stay positive because it was the right thing to do and as an artist, I gave myself the opportunity to try out my writing skills with which I've always been self conscious about. But the outcome was wonderful and i can’t wait to right more.

Creators Make the World Spin.

People have to realize that without art, the world ends. The news, books, media, songs, videos, are stuff that without us as artists, there’s no life. I bet you can’t name me someone who doesn’t watch Netflix, Hulu or listen to music everyday. Too many people underestimate art, but i came to realize that everyone needs art to service either to get over depression, be happy, or at a family reunion.

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