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How To Overcome The Deadly Productivity Sins

Things to avoid to be more productive

By Greg RSPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
How To Overcome The Deadly Productivity Sins
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Are you struggling with productivity? If so, you aren't alone. Many people struggle with staying focused, accomplishing tasks, and managing time effectively. In today's busy society, it's important to develop efficient habits.

For some, procrastination can be crippling. For others, it might mean a bad mood or difficulty concentrating. Whatever your productivity challenges are, they can easily affect your life and the lives of those around you.

But there's hope. There are things you can do to get back on track and improve your productivity in no time. With these seven simple steps, you'll start feeling better and accomplish more.

1. Stress & Fatigue

Stress and fatigue are two conditions that can have severe effects on your productivity. Whether it’s stress from work or family, or just feeling exhausted, these are common obstacles that prevent us from being fully present in our jobs. Many people find themselves working at only 50% capacity due to the lack of sleep they receive.

2. Procrastination

Procrastinating has become the norm for many people. We don’t like putting things off until later because we know if we do, then it won’t get done. But procrastinators rarely make much progress. They end up doing more than they planned on getting done, but never enough to feel satisfied. Instead, their “to-do” list grows longer each day.

3. Laziness

Laziness can easily creep into all aspects of our lives. Some people may decide to spend less time working out or running errands, while others choose to eat fast food instead of cooking healthy meals. No matter what choice you make, you end up missing out on what you love.

4. Lack Of Organization

One of the first things that can kill productivity is clutter. Clutter distracts us and makes our brains work harder than we realize. It doesn't matter how many times we tell ourselves to clean up - we need to keep working until we've cleared everything away. Even after cleaning, there might still be something else that needs to be done. If we don't know where to look or what to do, we won't find it. Instead of going through piles and stacks of stuff, create a system that works for you. Put everything into folders or subfolders, categorize, label or date-stamp items, and make sure that each item has its own place. When a task is completed, put it aside until the next time you have to use it.

5. Not Making Time

You've heard the phrase 'making time'. But what does it really mean? How often do we say we want to make time but never actually take the time to do it? We sit at our desks all day long, then go home and sleep. We spend all night socializing and end up sleeping late the following morning. Our lives become full of busyness without much actual activity. Make space to make time by setting aside certain hours every day to focus on activities that help you accomplish a specific set of objectives. Block off time in your calendar and stick to it.

6. Have Too Many Distractions

If possible, cut out time-wasting activities like social media, video games, etc. that can distract you from your work. If not, then at least take breaks throughout the day to relax and reflect on what's going well.

7. Don't Pay Attention To Details

This applies to even the smallest tasks. Make sure everything is done correctly before moving on to the next step. You won't get much done if you're always half-assed.

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