How to Manifest that Dream Job

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How to Manifest that Dream Job

If you're like me, you know just how hard it is to get hired, especially at a job you really want. Constantly with the interviews and the online applications, I was so confused as to why I wasn't getting employed anywhere. I would find myself saying things like "I'm never going to find a job," or "I guess I will never have money again." I didn't believe in myself, because at this point I was desperate, I had cards that needed to be paid, people that depended on me. Basically, I was holding myself back with these horrible affirmations.

A lot of us go day by day, not realizing that the negative thoughts we say out loud actually create exactly that into our reality. Negative thought: negative outcome. We don't comprehend that we literally have this super power to manifest the life we've always dreamed of having. We think that dream job is impossible, that it's too good to be true. Well, what if I can tell you that just through belief and positive vibes, it will come soon enough.

Hello my warriors, today I am going to write about how you can frame your mind and how to believe that the job you want is yours. Take that inner child out to play for a little bit. As you read on, have an open mind, and believe that you can manifest your dream job just with the power of your mind.

Where to start.

Think back to when you were a child. Good times, am I right? Not having a care in the world, having an imagination with no limits. You believed that you could go to space, or even imagined yourself on stage in front of millions. Anything was possible. Want to feel that way again?

First ask yourself why you deserve what you're trying to bring into reality. Write down all the great things that you are going to bring into this job. Even add some personality qualities, because that is also very useful.

This is how it works.

With affirmations, we say them out loud over and over and they are very important. We are literally creating our reality in the things we tell other people, and ourselves. You are setting your intention on what you want to bring into your life. Simple, huh?

Instead of saying "I want," turn them into, "I am," or "I have." Here is one example of a really good affirmation.

I am working at my dream job.

You can say this over and over, or even write this over and over. Who knew something so simple could be so powerful!

Stay in a high vibration.

Confidence is key, and so is emotion. What you wanna do is stay in a high vibration, and have that emotion behind it to kick it up more. What you're doing is attracting that job that connects to that energy you have set out. Like attracts like right? It works! Think about it. If you set out low vibrations, the job you engage in is going to match that low vibe. You definitely don't want that!

How to stay in that high vibration is to already feel like you have the job. There is no need to feel stressed, because that job is already yours! You just have to keep telling yourself that you deserve to have a really good job.

Be open to all possibilities.

So now that you are already in line with your your high vibe, the universe is going to send you opportunities. This may come to you in interviews, a job that randomly came to you out of nowhere that is seeking work, or you may even notice signs that you're close to receiving what you want!

If you already know exactly what you want to come true, that's great! Although, sometimes using these methods are still helpful, because the universe can still help and actually give you something better. This is where you tell the universe that you are open to all choices it will give you. You belong at the job you want. Now, you have to confidently believe so too.

Act as if.

Here is the reason why you should already act as if you got the job. The universe does not understand time, there is no such thing as tomorrow, or five days ago. Act as if that job is yours now, and it will understand that you are right; it is yours.

The biggest way to manifest this job, or anything you want:

Be thankful, show gratitude, I cannot stress this enough!

Lastly, let it go.

After you do everything you need to do to manifest that certain dream job, it is time to let it go. Don't obsess over it. It's the universe's time to do all the work now. Trust in the universe that it will do everything in its power to make it happen. The universe can't make it happen if you're too busy obsessing over it, it's like getting in the way. If you feel like you must take some sort of action, meditate everyday, and keep yourself in a high vibration.

Sending nothing, but good vibes your way! Good luck.

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Diana Duran
Diana Duran
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