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How To Make The Early Morning Magical

The benefits of getting up early.

By J.R. HeimbignerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
How To Make The Early Morning Magical
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I wake up around 5 AM every morning. Mostly this is my nature. I don’t sleep later very often. And I don’t always need an alarm. I love getting up early in the quiet of our house. There is nothing more comforting to me than a cup of coffee, our dog beside me as I write.

However, I know 5 AM is unreasonable for many people. My wife, for example, would not get up at 5 AM, she would feel sick getting up this early. And while I wish it was simple for everyone to get up early, I understand that not everyone should get up early.

And yet, I have found there are some really great benefits to getting up in the morning. These benefits can help play into the rest of your day. And they might just start opening doors at work and at home.

The Quiet Early Morning

When I get up early in the morning no one else is awake. It is me, my cup of coffee, our faithful dog, and silence. It is one of the best parts of my morning. This is the time I can hear my thoughts and let them flow into my journal or onto the screen.

The quiet morning helps to soothe my soul and prepare me for the day ahead. Because of the moment, my children wake up. It does not stop until I got to sleep the next night.

Benefit #1: Quiet time for yourself.

Chase Your Dreams

Another part of my early mornings is writing. I spend the remainder of my early mornings writing away. Most of the time, I can work on a book or knock out a few blog posts. And this fuels my dreams of being an author and writer.

It also is a great time to set goals, create a life plan, or set up a system for chasing your dreams. And it helps that no one else is around to keep you from doing it. And sometimes, the most creative, exciting ideas come to me in the morning about my dreams.

Benefit #2: Take time to chase your dreams, start a side hustle, or do something you have always wanted to do.

Get Your Exercise

Now, this isn’t one of the things I do in the morning. But I know plenty of people who get up early to workout. I used to do it before kids and a nine to five job. But it is a great time to get your exercise and apparently, it’s really good for you too!

When we workout in the morning we know it’s done. And when we do it, there is a tremendous amount of energy we have to use throughout the day. While I am more of a night workout person, mornings are a great time to get it done.

Benefit #3: Complete a workout that helps your energy all day.

Learn Something New

Another one of the things I like to do in the morning is to learn something new. I will either read a book, take an online course, or meet up with a mentor. There are a lot of ways to learn. And this is a good time to do it when our brains are fresh and ready for new information.

When we can learn something new after a good night's rest, we can put it into action at the beginning of our day. And we will likely retain what we learn to be able to apply to live throughout our day.

Benefit #4: Learn something new by reading, taking a course, and meeting with a mentor.

The Magic is Up to You

No matter what you do with your morning, aside from sitting in your living room staring at walls, you can experience the magic of the early morning. This is a time of soulful renewing, or straight-up time to get things done you want to do.

It is the time of day when you can achieve what you want to achieve. Or simply take in the rest you need when you are awake. This is the power of the early morning.

And for you night-owls, just start your day whenever it starts with these benefits and you will get to enjoy the magic too.

What are some things you do to start your day? What are the benefits of these things? Share in the comments below!

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