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How to have a happy day

by Alexandra Grosu 4 months ago in happiness
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Grosu Alexandra

Maybe there isn’t a single person in the entire planet who doesn’t want to be happy. We all strive to achieve it, but not everyone does. Do people really have the ability to learn how to be happy in life? Of course!

It’s not about running away from grief; rather, it’s about accepting it and making the most of every time you have. It’s critical to keep in mind that real happiness is an ongoing journey. Happiness frequently results from fostering virtue and uplifting emotions. It comes as a result of taking care of oneself.

To understand how to live a happy life generally, it is possible to include pleasant moments into each and every day.

Receive a massage

Who wouldn’t appreciate getting a relaxing massage? Gentle touches make everyone feel pleased and pleasant, whether they are given by a professional or your spouse.

According to one source, increased endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, decreased cortisol, and increased tissue are the physiological benefits that “most typically occur during a massage to assist alleviate stress”.

These outcomes are all excellent for raising happiness levels.

Talk to your friends.

You may feel lighter and happier when you speak with someone who deeply knows you and is available to support and assist you anytime you need it. These social ties will increase your total level of life happiness since humans are social animals.

Take a walk

At least one hour every day should be spent outside. Walking outside will keep you fit and healthy, which will lift your spirits and make you a little happy.

Playing music

When trying to figure out how to live a happy life, listening to music may be a terrific activity. But take caution… The music you select is crucial. Happiness ratings were higher for fast-tempo and major-key stimuli, whereas sorrow ratings were higher for slow-tempo and minor-key stimuli, according to research.

The study also made the crucial point that it much relies on whatever music you believe sounds pleasant. In essence, this suggests that upbeat, fast-paced music enhances happiness.

Avoid thinking negatively

Get rid of your anxieties, stop thinking exclusively negatively, and make an effort to be optimistic. Avoid talking about anything unpleasant. Avoid watching the evening news on TV. This may all lead to depression and make it challenging to figure out how to live a happy life.

Achieve Meaning

Be certain of your individuality, and to achieve so, examine yourself to discover your genuine vocation. You won’t discover your position in this world until then.

Having a soothing bath

Make a soothing bath. You may also add a few drops of essential oils, like lemon or lavender. You will feel lot better after taking a bath since it will help you relax and feel clean.

Make use of meditation

Like other relaxation techniques, meditation boosts your vitality and enhances your mental health. Try to do some daily meditation. In the great outdoors, meditation is also incredibly beneficial.

Try to make an effort to engage in mindfulness meditation or a loving-kindness meditation because several research have revealed that these practices, in particular, are indications of enhanced happiness.

Purchase something for oneself.

Go shopping for yourself and treat yourself. It’s not necessary that it be a holiday or birthday. When you want to develop happiness, be kind to yourself and reward yourself for being who you are!


Any form of dancing is a fantastic way to improve your mood, get rid of bad feelings, express yourself, and live a better life.

Try yoga

Your mind may be calmed and your energy levels increased through yoga. When trying to figure out how to live a happy life, doing it frequently might be a terrific first step.

According to one research, “Yoga practitioners reported having strong morals and healthy values as well as the capacity to communicate their thoughts and regard the sentiments of others more frequently than college students.”

Assist someone

Being of service to others might make you happier. You experience positivity when you do this. You are conscious of your positive actions.

Good Books to Read

Pick select a book that appeals to you, whether you prefer mysteries, fantasy, or the classics, and allow yourself to lose yourself in it for an hour or two. You won’t believe how wonderful it makes you feel.

Cook a Nutritious Meal

You may cook either by yourself or with a loved one. Even better, cook something scrumptious and nutritious to give your body a nutrition boost that will assist both your body and mind.

Take a Picnic

Join your family and friends for a picnic. Spend some time outside having fun, taking in the scenery, and inhaling clean air.

Take a Swim

Swimming or floating in lakes, oceans, or other bodies of water is a wonderful way to unwind, feel good, and have fun.

Take Up Exercise

Your mood will improve and your stress levels will decrease thanks to physical activity, which also keeps you healthy and fit.


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